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Adrian's 60 challenges

  1. Trip on Kent and East Sussex Railway
  2. Visit a castle that has a moat (Bodiam Castle) 
  3. Set up a website and learn to blog 
  4. Seeing a Spitfire over Beachy Head
  5. Visit Eastbourne
  6. Visit Frinton-on-Sea and Manningtree
  7. Trip on the Mid-Hants Railway
  8. Complete walking Part 1 of Pilgrims Way from Winchester to Otford near Sevenoaks (8 days-120 miles) 
  9. Run virtual Great North Run Half Marathon
  10. How far can I bike in 60 minutes? (12 miles)
  11. Take a tour of Bamburgh Castle in Northumberland
  12. See all the main Northumberland coastal castles
  13. Spend a three-day retreat on The Holy Island of Lindisfarne 
  14. Run 7.5 miles in under 60 minutes
  15. Eat 60 pieces of chocolate in under 60 minutes
  16. Run 60 miles in a month
  17. Take train from Southend to Southminster
  18. Take photos for, and produce, a calendar for sale (100 sold)
  19. Buy 60 Bibles and put in a box outside house (38 taken to date)
  20. Take a trip to Canvey Island  
  21. Take a course of guitar lessons
  22. Make a Kintsugi Bowl
  23. Produce and sell greetings cards of own photos (about 350 sold)
  24. Make a snow angel
  25. Build a snowman
  26. Spot and identify 60 different bird species
  27. Produce 60+ blogs (122 to date)
  28. Make baklava
  29. Grow a beard for 60 days
  30. Dye beard in rainbow colours
  31. Have a 60-hour moustache (various shapes)
  32. Shave head
  33. Create and maintain a gift box outside house for at least 60 days
  34. Live for a week on soup and bread
  35. Bake cinnamon buns  
  36. Participate in Earth Hour (60 minutes without using lights)
  37. Research, buy and operate a new car (first in 10 years)
  38. Buy and operate a SatNav (never had one)
  39. Make Gulab Jamun
  40. Visit village of Stock and its windmill
  41. Prepare a quiz around 60/60s theme and circulate
  42. Video myself reading aloud all chapters and verses in the Bible with 60 in them
  43. Complete 60 consecutive days of reading the Bible App (YouVersion)
  44. Complete Part 2 of Pilgrims Way from Otford to Canterbury (6 days-59 miles)
  45. Assist at Community Kitchen (serving foods and selling basic clothes)
  46. Climb Cleeve Hill (highest in Cotswolds)
  47. Trip on Gloucester Warwickshire Steam Railway
  48. Attend an Oak Hall “Word” weekend
  49. Give away £60 
  50. Complete 60 good deeds/random acts of kindness
  51. White water rafting at Lea Valley Olympic centre
  52. See and photograph locomotive 61306 for first time since being a child in 60s
  53. Go on England’s longest zipwire (Bluewater Shopping Centre)
  54. Run down Southend Pier and return (world’s longest leisure pier)
  55. Swim at least 60 strokes in the North Sea (many more in the end)
  56. Complete cooking 60 different recipes
  57. Complete 60 one-minute “planks” (over a number of days)
  58. Grow courgettes and French beans for first time
  59. Go to the top of The Shard in London
  60. Memorise Isaiah chapter 60

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