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26 October 2021

Please pray for Afghan refugees and neighbouring countries

Open Doors local contacts in countries neighbouring Afghanistan share how the current crisis is forcing increasing numbers of refugees to flee – and how Christians around the world can be praying for the situation.

Afghanistan refugees
Many Afghans have fled the country and are now refugees in neighbouring countries

With the Taliban’s return to power in Afghanistan, thousands have fled the country. This is adding to the 2.2 million country Afghan refugees who were already in other parts of the region. Open Doors’ contacts in Central Asia explain how recent events have affected their countries, and how we can be praying for the situation in the region.


“The situation in Afghanistan causes a lot of worries in our country,” says Bäsim, an Open Doors contact in a country that neighbours Afghanistan. “The majority of people are afraid, but there are also those who want radical Islam to be the ruling ideology in our country. There is no official information, that’s why there are lots of rumours. They say that the president secretly organised conversations with the Taliban, and even sent some humanitarian support in spite of the situation with food in our own country.

“We organised a ‘prayer chain’ for this situation in Afghanistan, for people from this country, for the situation in our country too, and for God’s protection.”


“Unfortunately, the situation near the border with Afghanistan is getting worse,” says Hamad, another Open Doors contact. “The number of people crossing […] into our country from Afghanistan is huge. Some have been caught by the border guards and sent back, some hide.

"As Christians, we don’t reject refugee people, but accept and serve them" Hamad, Open Doors contact

“As Christians, I think we should be open to accept suffering people, but what if radicals come among them? We need wisdom and leading from God in this. Of course, as Christians we don’t reject refugee people, but accept and serve them.

“Moreover, the economic situation in our country is very bad, many people are extremely poor and often starving. The situation in neighbouring Afghanistan makes this worse. There is no clear official position from our government about the situation and not enough information, mostly just rumours, which makes people afraid and concerned more and more.

“These pictures show a little of the economic reality in our country and how many ordinary people over here struggle to survive.”


“The situation in neighbouring Afghanistan is a reason for growing concern for our people. We know that officially our government just lets limited numbers of people into a special refugee camp, but we also can see the growing number of refugees in cities. As a church leader and missionary, I travel a lot and can really see this.

"Our Christian answer to such sad changes is prayer" Ammin, Open Doors contact

“There are rumors that the Taliban want to increase their influence to all neighbouring Central Asian countries, so it is possible that they will send their agents among refugees to carry out their activities. It is so sad that the high level of corruption in our country is the reason why such terrible plans of the Taliban could become possible.

“Of course, we know God is over this situation and our Christian answer to such sad changes is prayer. We make this topic one of the main ones in our church and home meetings. Please, pray with us for this situation.”

*Names changed for security reasons

Please pray
  • For Christians to minister to refugees, showing them Jesus’s love and welcoming strangers as the Bible instructs (Matthew 25)
  • For God’s protection over these neighbouring countries, and that Islamic extremists wouldn’t infiltrate or attack
  • That holy wisdom and strength would be given to Open Doors contacts in these countries, so they know how to act.
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