08 January 2023

A prayer for persecuted church leaders

Please pray for the leaders of the persecuted church. Leaders like Pastor Pengdwende in Burkina Faso, who has been forced to flee his home in the face of increasing threats and violence.

Pastor Pengdwende used to care for a congregation in Bobo-Dioulassou in southwestern Burkina Faso. But with Muslim extremists killing Christians – and especially Christian leaders – he has been forced to flee his home.

“Many people were telling me: ‘Pastor, leave the village, because you as Christian, and above all a pastor, are more sought out.’ At that time, they were really looking for Christians and killing them.”

Pastor Pengdwende wanted to stay, but in the end he was instructed by his denomination to leave for his own safety.

“When you have been born and raised somewhere, and you wake up one morning with only a few minutes to flee with only what you are wearing, and if your wife maybe has to bring only a few things with her to join you where you hide, it isn’t simple.

“The good thing that can come of this situation for Christians is to prepare their lives. Before, when they read the Bible, it was like stories to many, but now, it’s a reality.”

Open Doors supports Pastor Pengdwende and many other displaced Christians in Burkina Faso.

“We needed food and you gave us food. You helped us with some money so that we may start doing some jobs,”says Pastor Pengdwende.

“So your organisation is helping many people to have peace of heart, because when you are in difficulties and someone is encouraging you, there is nothing better than that.”

“Pray for our healing from pain and fear. Secondly pray for my ministry. A pastor cannot just sit idle like this; I want God’s help me to have a ministry again where I am, that’s what I want you to pray for.”


Lord of wisdom,

Be with those who lead Your people.

Many are exhausted: strengthen them, Lord, direct their path, and give them Your power.

Many are afraid: give them courage so they can continue to demonstrate Your love.

Many are unsure where to turn: help them to keep their eyes on you, Lord Jesus, to walk in your footsteps and listen to your voice.

May they serve with humility, live with integrity, and lead others to You.


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