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19 August 2022

At least 17 Christians killed in July in spate of attacks in DRC

Church leaders in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) are asking for your prayers after a recent series of attacks on churches has left at least 17 Christians dead.

The ADF militant group are largely responsible for the persecution of Christians across the east of the DRC

At least 17 Christians have been killed in a spate of attacks across the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) in July, and church leaders are asking for your prayers. The Allied Democratic Forces (ADF) militant group are suspected to be behind the attacks on Christians and churches.

Reverend Joel Tibasima Bamaraki

The Reverend Joel Tibasima Bamaraki (pictured right), who was a father in his 30s, and two church elders were killed in an attack in Kabasungora village in the Bahema-Boga locality on 23 July.

The ADF attacked again on 24 July, killing at least seven Christians and setting two churches on fire in Kayera village, Bahema-Mitego locality. 

Further attacks took place on 27 and 29 July, and 1 August.

“Now it is worse because it is targeting the church leaders,” says Reverend Besisa Birahure, who leads a church in one of the areas that was attacked on 1 August. “We are overwhelmed. What can we do? Because of this massacre in which we are, which is one too many and we don’t know what to do… So keep praying for us; whatever difficulties become harder and harder, may God sustain us to stand firm.”

Who are the ADF?

Persecution in the DRC mostly takes the form of violent attacks. Although a very high percentage of the population are Christian, the Islamic extremist group ADF is responsible for the persecution of Christians in the east of the country, brutally attacking Christians and churches. Christian leaders who advocate against corruption risk harassment and interference from the government.

“We really need your prayers,” says Reverend Marcel Kisembo, dean of the Anglican cathedral in Boga. “At this time I would like to ask you to pray for us, for the situation we are going through since this month of July.”

Please pray
  • That God will comfort the bereaved, heal the injured, and pour out His peace on the church in DRC
  • For strength for the church leaders ministering under such difficult circumstances
  • For wisdom for the authorities to take the relevant measures to bring an end to this cycle of violence.
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