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16 November 2021

“Thank you for your love!” Lao Christians get vital Covid aid

Covid cases have risen in Laos, and Open Doors partners are taking essential aid to vulnerable believers - thanks to your prayers and gifts.

“Thank you very much for your love, kindness, and faithful prayers!” That’s the message from Phoun*, Fa* and Daeng* – siblings from Laos, who are among more than 1,000 believers in Lao who are receiving vital Covid aid. “Especially for the goods that you gave us – thank you. May God bless you!" 

Lockdown and losses

Laos had experienced a relatively low number of Covid-19 cases, particularly compared to other nearby countries, but cases have risen in 2021. As a response, the Lao government imposed a widespread lockdown to curb the spread of the virus.

While the lockdown helped save lives in Laos, it also had a severe economic impact. Many Laotians lost their employment and sources of income, particularly tribal believers across the country. The need for urgent relief aid rose quickly.

Help from Open Doors partners

Thanks to your gifts and prayers, Open Doors local partners in Laos have been able to start distributing relief packs through churches in the country’s south, central and northern provinces – including remote areas, which are often out of reach of supplies. A relief pack varies according to needs of the church being served, but usually includes rice, canned goods, noodles, oil, detergent soap and similar items. 

"Thank you very much for your love, kindness, and faithful prayers!" Phoun, Fa and Daeng in Laos

“We have contacts on the ground who have a wide network of believers, who are then connected to many local churches,” says Inpaeng* head of the relief operations. “These believers are the ones distributing the relief for us. Since the need is very big, our focus lies on our brothers and sisters who are really having a hard time making ends meet.” 

Your gifts and prayers are already helping more than 1,000 believers – and there are plans to increase this significantly in the next few weeks. The goal to distribute goods to at least 450 Christian families, which is approximately 3,500 people. You can join their journey – in prayer.

Please pray
  • Praise God for His provision, and for the opportunity to minister to less fortunate believers in Laos
  • That the Lord will continue to sustain and protect Open Doors local partners as they distribute urgent aid
  • For God’s loving presence to be clear and joyful to the persecuted church in Laos.
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