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27 April 2021

May is a month of prayer for Myanmar – will you join us?

Since the military coup on 1 February, Myanmar has been thrust into grave social and political unrest, resulting in violence, disruption and more than 700 deaths. Churches have been raided and believers have lost not only livelihoods but loved ones. As tensions continue to escalate, Open Doors invites the global family of Christ to intercede for the country for the month of May through a prayer campaign. Brother Lwin – whose name we’ve changed to protect his identity – is an Open Doors local partner in Myanmar and he explains more...

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Believers in Myanmar urgently need your prayers as the crisis in their country continues to escalate 

“The situation in Myanmar has gotten much worse – there has been unimaginable bloodshed. Churches have been raided more than once, and for many, grief, loss and uncertainty remain. 

Pastors unable to pay rent and slowly sliding into depression

"We had a children’s camp in a remote area and 40 children accepted the Lord!" 'Brother Lwin'

“Because of Covid-19 and the coup, churches in Myanmar have not been able to come together, and this has really affected pastors’ daily lives, as they are dependent on people physically attending and giving tithes. Because churches are not able to meet, pastors cannot pay their rent. Many are slowly sliding into depression and need support. Praise God that our partners can reach out to these pastors through online counselling.

“In the midst of all the violence, we thank the Lord that we still see pockets of wonderful things happening in the country. A few days ago, we had a children’s camp in a remote area, and 40 children accepted the Lord! We are also able to minister to families through our marriage and family enrichment training in rural areas, far from the conflict.

‘Prayer is the real battleground’

“We have also heard of believers caught in high-conflict zones needing help. In a remote village, 150-200 believers are taking shelter. Our partner is taking care of them, and they request groceries and medicine. In another area, there are a hundred believers taking shelter – they tell us they hear gunfire every night, and it’s hard for the elderly and the children to sleep. Some of our partners are asking us for more persecution preparedness training. We are hoping we can do more.

“We ask our global Christian family to stand with us in prayer. Our enemy is not flesh and blood. Prayer is the real battleground.”

"For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms." (Ephesians 6:12)

Keep an eye on our social media channels during May where we’ll be posting prayers to prompt and guide your prayers.

Please pray
  • That the Lord will strengthen, protect and encourage believers across Myanmar, and provide for and encourage church leaders
  • That the church in Myanmar will shine with ever-increasing brightness, bringing hope to the nation and grow in number
  • That God will soften the hearts of the military, leading to them relinquishing control of the country and returning it to democratic rule.
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