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17 May 2021

How you can pray for Myanmar this week

It’s been over 100 days since the military seized control of Myanmar. In this latest update, Shwe Shwe powerfully shares about the impact of the coup on the country and the challenge of teaching youths and children whilst wrestling with her own emotions. At the bottom of the page are prayer points for each day this week. Shwe Shwe’s name has been changed to protect her identity. 

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Children gather at a camp to hear about Jesus

“Every day the news and what we see around us make us feel hopeless and helpless. I think no outsider can understand how we are feeling. 

“When out, if we see the police and military trucks, we automatically feel fear. We want to run away from their presence. It’s like we’ve committed a crime, though we’ve done nothing wrong. We are living in insecurity and uncertainty. The police can check our phone and house anytime, anywhere. We must avoid encountering police and military trucks as much as possible, because they may harm or take from us. 

Voices silenced and unheard

“It’s been almost three months and we’re being treated like children. At any time, they cut off the power and internet. Phone calls are being listened to and everywhere there are checkpoints on the road for checking phones and personal belongings. If they see any materials of the protest movement on the phone, they will refer to any laws they like, accuse the person and put them in jail. 

"Now the people of Myanmar can only put our hope in the living God alone" 'Shwe Shwe'

“We have no right to speak and seek justice. We have no voice and I feel like the world cannot hear our cry. We were hoping that other countries will rescue us or help us. But all our hope turned out to be in vain. Now the people of Myanmar can only put our hope in the living God alone. 

“As a Christian worker in Myanmar, I tried not to show my true emotion to our friends and family as people are seeing us as their spiritual leaders. It is a very difficult moment to be a Christian – and Christian leader as well – in this kind of situation. 

This video was recently taken at a children's camp

God answers prayer for guidance

“The dictatorship has been very cruel to young and innocent people. I was asked to lead a youth and children’s work programme. At the moment, I can't continue teaching the younger generation to love our neighbours – neighbours like the military and police who are hitting and killing their people. How can we love the killers like them? 

“I feel guilty for not joining the protest for justice. I was so confused: should I join the protest or continue the training? I prayed to God, asking if I am doing the right thing. God answered my prayer in our family devotion. I praise God that He cares for me and the people of Myanmar. The answer was Isaiah 55:6: “Seek the Lord while He may be found; call on Him while He is near.” This Bible verse confirms that what I have been doing with the people is right in the eyes of God.

“This is the time when the people of Myanmar need true hope and peace. I should not stop sharing the gospel with people. By God's grace, guidance and protection, this youth programme will be completed. 

Thankful for God’s goodness, guidance and provision

“Youths are sharing that they can understand our country’s situation as a Christian. They get an affirmation that God is in control of every situation. They have also come to realise through the training that the real enemy is Satan, not the police nor the military coup. I thank God for His goodness and guidance. 

“The situation is hopeless, but the greatest thing is we still have the opportunity to come closer to God and seek Him for the salvation of lost souls, for peace in the country and hope for the people. 

“Above all, I thank God for providing for me so that I can provide for my family during the Covid-19 pandemic and military coup, as all my family members have lost their jobs.”

As you continue to pray for Myanmar, you may like to use the below daily prayer points to guide you…

Monday – the government

“From my experience, the military coup is going to be like North Korea,” shares one believer in Myanmar. “I have big concerns for future generations as I have personally experienced the traumatising reality of life under dictatorship.” Pray that the military will relinquish their control of the country and lay down their arms.

"From my experience, the military coup is going to be like North Korea" Burmese believer

Tuesday – the church and tribal believers

Churches are still closed in many places because of security concerns. Meanwhile, fighting between tribal insurgencies and the military is leading to an increase in tribal refugees, which includes Christians. Ask the Lord to comfort believers and strengthen them in their faith and witness. Pray that there will be opportunities for Christians to share their faith with others. 

Wednesday – pastors and Christian workers

Several pastors are hiding as the military continues to arrest leaders of religious organisations who have shown opposition to the coup. Pray for the protection of these pastors, and for wisdom and spiritual refreshing for all pastors and Christian leaders, like Schwe Schwe, seeking to minister to believers.

Thursday – families 

Many families are mourning the death of loved ones, and many who have been forced from their homes have been separated from each other. Ask the Lord to surround the grieving with His love and comfort, and reunite families. Pray for ongoing strength for parents as they seek to provide for their families as well as teach and disciple them (with schools and churches shut).

Friday – youth and children

The number of refugees and homeless is increasing. Many of them are children who are full of fear when they see police or anyone in uniform. Pray that God will protect the lives, innocence and futures of all children, and healing of any trauma.

Saturday – the economy 

Many people have lost their jobs due to Covid-19 and the coup. The cost of goods, food and essential commodities is increasing while people’s income is decreasing. Many Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) are facing financial problems, whilst people who have money in their bank accounts cannot withdraw it. Pray for the restoration of the country’s economy through the provision of jobs, access to money and affordability of goods.

Sunday – Covid-19

There has been a slow increase in the number of Covid-19 cases. With many doctors and healthcare workers having joined the Civil Disobedience Movement (CDM), there could be a shortfall in the availability of people to look after patients. Pray for the provision of resources and that the virus will be contained (any further spread could especially impact IDPs). Pray for the healing of all those infected. 

Please pray

Heavenly Father. Work in the hearts of the military leaders – shift their perspective and agenda, fill them with compassion, and show them a better way. May they relinquish their control and recognise their responsibility to honour the wishes of the country. Bring this coup to an immediate end. Amen.
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