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21 July 2023

Violence against Nigerian Christians continues in Plateau State

A spate of attacks on Christians by Fulani herdsmen that began in May has continued, causing death and distress across Nigeria’s Plateau State. Please continue to pray for believers.

Plateau State

Believers have seen their houses and churches burnt down, and are often left with only the clothes on their backs

In May, suspected Fulani herdsman attacked two communities in the Mangu Local Government Area (LGA) of Plateau State in north central Nigeria. Since then, the atmosphere has remained tense, with many fearing widespread unrest in the Middle Belt state. 

Sadly, the violence has continued – with impunity.   

“The attacks happen almost every day” 

Simon’s village was attacked on 1 July. “We were surrounded by Fulani (militants),” he says. “I narrowly escaped. Two of my neighbours were killed. My wife and children narrowly escaped. They burnt my foodstuff, mattress, set of cushions, palm oil; in fact, everything I owned, they burnt it. All I have now are the clothes on my body.” 

More recently, Fulani militants have killed at least nine people in another attack in Farin Lamba, Plateau State, on 9 July. Several houses were also burnt. 

In the Sabon-Gari area, 30 believers were killed in three attacks over four days. Two church buildings belonging to the Church of Christ in Nations (COCIN) and Living Faith were also set on fire.  

“The attacks happen almost every day in different communities around the local government area,” shared an Open Doors partner.  

Danladi, another survivor, describes their experience: “It was at night; we were just at home when they surrounded the whole community. They came and started shooting; they killed many of us, we escaped narrowly. Our houses have been burnt; we are still living with tension.”

Christians ask for prayers of provison and protection

Trying to live in the aftermath of such an attack is incredibly difficult. “We sneak to check our farms and run out,” Danladi says. “We don’t have anywhere to sleep. They burnt all our clothing. We are really going through tough times. We are calling on Christians all over, and those in Nigeria, to come to our rescue. We need food, clothing and shelter – please help us. We are looking forward to coming back and living in our homes when peace returns.”

The Mangu district has for the past two months witnessed clashes between nomadic Fulani herders and pastoral farmers that community leaders say have left more than 200 dead already.  

Rev. Dr Gideon Para-Mallam of the Gideon and Funmi Para-Mallam Peace Foundation says that, between 17 April and the present day, at least 346 lives have been lost in the Plateau State, and over 200 of this number have been in Mangu. Of this number, 315 are Christians, while 31 are Muslims. The Mwanghvul Development Association (MDA) reports that some 54 villages have so far been attacked by the Fulani.   

Simon asks for continued prayer. “Please help us pray; the Fulani have destroyed us. Please help pray that God will provide and protect us.”  

Please pray
  • That God will comfort believers who’ve been affected by these attacks – especially those who’ve lost loved ones and everything they have
  • That the Nigerian government will step up their efforts to bring an end to the Fulani violence
  • For Open Doors partners as they serve Nigeria’s Christians, that God will equip them with all they need.
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