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MPs are signing the handmade petition (can you?)

David Linden, MP

MPs from across the political spectrum are among those who've been signing the handmade petition - and showing that they see Christian women who are doubly vulnerable to persecution, targeted for both their faith and their gender.

As part of Open Doors' See. Change. campaign, thousands of people are 'signing' a handmade petition that will be presented to the UK Government in November 2019, during the Preventing Sexual Violence in Conflict (PSVI) conference. Each signature says that we see persecuted women, and want to advocate for change. Specifically, we want policy on sexual violence in conflict to recognise that the persecution of faith is often inextricably linked.

'Signing' is in inverted commas because this is no ordinary petition! Each signature is a square of fabric (order our pack or use your own) on which you paint, draw, sew, embroider or write your name and the words 'I See You'. You don't need to be a brilliant artist - you just need to want to reflect your commitment to our sisters in Christ.

Below are some of the petitions we've received so far, including those from MPs. We'd love you to add your name, if you haven't yet - and why not tweet or write to your MP to let them you've signed, and how important it is to recognise this issue?

Below the images are some prayer points and a very short video on how to make your petition.

MPs Helen Goodman, Robert Courts and Kate Green


Krish Kandiah and Abigail, an Open Doors supporter



Trinity Cheltenham New Wine Discipleship Year hub


Please pray

  • For women who are doubly vulnerable to persecution, for their faith and their gender, that they will be seen
  • That the petition will have an impact at the conference, and influence decision makers.