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Thanks for contacting your candidates on behalf of the persecuted church

The votes have been counted and the general election is over, but our work to get the persecuted church on the political agenda is far from finished. And the best time to start was with candidates, even before they became MPs. So thank you very much to every Open Doors supporter who emailed their candidates and ask them to sign up to this Open Doors’ election pledge (below). More than 3,000 of you did, and candidates from almost 100 constituencies replied, most of them pledging to commit to the three key actions.

Manifesto asks


In the next few days Open Doors will be asking you to contact your newly-elected MP, to offer them your congratulations and your prayers – and to urge them to attend the parliamentary launch of the World Watch List on 15 January 2020 and take action in support of those facing faith-based persecution.

This is a vital opportunity to make sure that the new Parliament builds on recent progress to support those facing persecution. Sign up now for our advocacy email alerts – and take action!


Make it their election: Contact your candidates on behalf of the persecuted church

18 November 2019

A general election is a significant moment in the life of the nation. And Open Doors is ready – with your help – to make the most of this opportunity for our persecuted brothers and sisters. Together let’s make sure they are not forgotten in the political noise!

Our aim is to make sure every candidate knows that global persecution is a key issue for many voters and that every candidate commits to taking action, if elected, on behalf of those facing persecution.

This election comes at a time when there has been real breakthrough in Parliament. It’s vital that these advances are built on – and not lost – in the new House of Commons.

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