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Central Asia: The Miracle in the Minefield

In some Central Asian countries, the Bible is banned. One group of brave Christians were trying to deliver Bibles across the border into another country. The border was highly guarded, so they had to find a place with no watchtowers. They eventually found a gap with a path across.

For two months they were able to take Bibles into that country - until, one day, they were caught by border patrol.

"How did you enter the country?" the soldiers asked. "Where are you from? How did you get here?" The believers pointed to the path.

"No, you cannot have come that way," said the guards. "That’s a minefield."

For two months they had been walking through a minefield to deliver Bibles! The guards let them go. "If Allah has protected you, we cannot imprison you," they said.

Open Doors strengthens Christians in Central Asia by distributing Bibles and Christian books to those who are hungry for God’s Word.


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Open Doors strengthens the persecuted church in Central Asia with Christian literature, training, medical care, relief aid and socio-economic development projects. £26 could provide children's Bibles for four children in Central Asia.

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