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Egypt: Pray for Samiha as she goes for surgery

25 October 2018

Do you remember Samiha from Egypt? In 2016, she lost half of her face in a bomb attack on her church. But now, thanks to your prayers and support, Samiha has just arrived with her husband in Germany for medical treatment to help restore the half of her face that she lost.

Samiha has arrived for treatment in Germany with her husband Qalini.

Samiha is a remarkable lady. After the attack, she was rushed to hospital, where the doctors didn’t think she would survive. But after surgery in Hungary, and a lot of waiting, the Egyptian government arranged intensive medical treatment for her in Germany.

“It is a miracle to us that we are welcomed here so warmly,” Samiha says. “The trip went so smoothly, it’s like God has arranged it for us. The doctors told me that they will take a piece of bone from my leg to reconstruct the missing side of my face. They also told me they are going to restore the airway to my nose.” 

When she hears that many people are praying for her, she smiles warmly. “We are very happy with all those people, really, we love all of them so much.”

Samiha shares her testimony with an Open Doors worker in August 2017.

In the coming weeks Samiha will undergo more medical research, and the larger operations are planned for December. It will not be an easy road, but Samiha and her husband trust that God will be with them, like He always has.


  • Give thanks that Samiha and her husband have arrived safely; pray that the treatment will be successful
  • For God's continuing comfort and healing for families who are still grieving as a result of the 2016 bomb attack on St Peter's Church in Cairo
  • That God would protect Christians in Egypt from violence, and give them boldness to live out their faith without fear. 


11 December 2016: A bomb goes off at St. Peter and Paul church in Cairo, killing 27 and injuring 49

14 December 2016: Funerals are held for victims of the attack

August 2017: Open Doors partners visit Samiha, a victim of the attack, and find her much better, and still faithful to Jesus


Egypt is number 17 on the 2018 World Watch List, Open Doors’ annual ranking of the 50 countries where Christians face the most extreme persecution. Open Doors has been working through local partners and churches in Egypt since 1990, providing literacy training and education projects, youth and family ministry, advocacy support, medical outreach, ministry to widows and vocational training for women. None of this would be possible without your prayers or support. Here are four ways you can stand with your church family in Egypt today:

  • Give a gift. £15 could go towards helping a family start a small business.
  • Pray. Pray for believers in Egypt for protection, encouragement and provision. Pray also that they would be given a real love for their persecutors, and that they would know how to respond when they face discrimination.
  • Tell others. Inspire your church with stories from the persecuted church with our free Can You Believe It? pack. Order yours and inspire your church or small group with stories of faith, hope and love. 
  • Come and meet your church family from Egypt. One of our brothers from Egypt will be speaking at our Standing Strong celebration in Birmingham – but tickets are selling fast! Grab some friends and book today!

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