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Your support provides aid to earthquake victims in Indonesia as many struggle to access government support

When Open Doors workers arrived in Palu, a city still reeling from the recent earthquake and tsunami, they found that many were struggling to access government aid.

Victims said that they had been told to go to a regional military office to collect supplies, but they needed to travel by road to get there, and were queuing for hours to get fuel in order to make the journey. “It is devastating to see them. We felt angry, sad and many unexplainable feelings mixed together," said one of the Open Doors workers.

He continued, “One of the most devastated areas has a Christian community. We noticed that this part of the area has been neglected. The victims did not receive adequate support. Dead bodies have yet to be removed from the collapsed houses."

He strongly felt that it was important to collaborate with the local church and directly support those affected by the recent disasters.

Thanks to your prayers and support, Open Doors workers were able to provide tents, blankets and mats for distribution by nine churches, and around 250 food packages will arrive tomorrow (Saturday). The team decided to take the packages by car rather than open trucks to avoid looting, an increasing problem as people struggle to access aid and become more desperate.

Continue to stand with your church family in Indonesia

Thank you for standing with our church family in Indonesia as they face this crisis, and enabling the church to shine as a light. Your support and prayers are helping to show that they are not alone or forgotten.

You can give to support the work of Open Doors through local churches in Indonesia.

And please continue to stand with our brothers and sisters in Indonesia in prayer.

Please pray:

  • That vital supplies would reach those who need it most
  • For God's presence and peace to comfort those affected in the days to come
  • That outside medical teams will be able to reach the rising number of people who are becoming sick
  • That more churches and Christians will be able to help those affected by the crisis
  • For safety and strength to aid workers as they look for those who need their help
  • For God's protection for Open Doors workers and the relief aid that they are distributing.
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