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Update: Mahrokh sentenced for 'propaganda against the system' in Iran

Thank you so much for praying for Mahrokh in Iran. She went to court on 27 July. According to Middle East Concern, friends of Mahrokh report that the judge tried to humiliate her during the court hearing, after she disagreed with him. 

On 29 July, Mahrokh was notified of a one-year prison sentence for 'propaganda against the system'. She is allowed to appeal the sentence. We know that 'The Lord loves righteousness and justice' (Psalm 33:5). Please continue to pray for our sister.

Please pray

  • That Mahrokh will know God's encouragement in the face of the prison sentence, and that an appeal will be successfully lodged
  • The name of Jesus Christ will be honoured in the court hearings and the gospel faithfully represented.

Can you pray for Mahrokh in Iran?

24 July 2019

Mahrokh is a 65-year-old woman who converted to Christianity from Islam. On 27 July, Mahrokh will be going to the Karaj Islamic Revolutionary Court to face the charge of ‘propaganda against the system’. Her home was raided by three intelligence agents in December 2018 and Mahrokh was interrogated from morning to evening for ten days.

Mahrokh was released after submitting bail of 30 million Toman (£2,000). In January she was brought before the prosecutor to answer charges of ‘acting against national security’, forced to go to a religious leader to be ‘instructed’ and directed to return to Islam. She chose Christ.

Mahrokh is encouraged to know that people are aware of her situation and praying for her as she prepares to go to court.

Your prayers and support are vital for Mahrokh and your other brothers and sisters in Iran. Thanks to you, Open Doors can continue to advocate for those in prison and support those former prisoners living elsewhere in the region. Iran is currently number 9 on the Open Doors World Watch List.

Please pray

  • That the judge will act justly and recognise the right to freedom of religion for Mahrokh
  • That Mahrokh and her family will know God's peace and presence during this time of waiting
  • That Iranian authorities will stop persecuting Christian converts and other religious minorities.

The source of this information is Middle East Concern.