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How to pray for North Korea

11 June 2018

Brother Andrew, the founder of Open Doors, says, “Our prayers can go where we cannot. There are no borders, no prison walls, no doors that are closed to us when we pray.” North Korea may be the most dangerous place in the world to be a Christian, but not even Kim Jong-un and his most deadly secret agents can hold back the hand of God. Our prayers make a real difference for our brothers and sisters in North Korea.

Here are some ideas to prompt you to pray for North Korea in the coming days and weeks.

Pray when you eat

Ordinary North Korean’s often go hungry, as there are frequent droughts and floods in North Korea, leading to poor harvests and food shortages. But North Korean Christians choose to share the little resources that they have with those who have even less.

As you begin a meal or tuck into a snack, pray that God will bless North Korean Christians as they share the little food they have with others. Ask God to protect Open Doors workers as they smuggle in food and other vital supplies to our brothers and sisters – amazingly, they are helping 60,000 North Korean believers to survive.

Every £58 can provide food, medicine and clothes to support a North Korean family for a month.

Pray when you open your Bible

The Bible is a forbidden book in North Korea – but there is probably no country in the world with so many hidden Bibles. Some are literally buried in the ground – North Korean Christians have to dig them up to read them.

Pray that North Korean Christians will be brave enough to own a Bible, and for their protection as they read it in secret. Pray also that God will enable Open Doors workers to smuggle more Bibles to North Korean believers.

Every £20 can provide Bible study materials for two courageous North Korean believers

Pray as you walk around your neighbourhood

There is a neighbourhood watch system called Inminban, and every North Korean citizen is part of a local unit. The unit leader will write reports on each of the members, asking questions about who has been visiting their homes, any absences, whether they have participated in volunteer work, and even whether they clean the portraits of the country’s leaders on their walls.

North Korean Christians know that they are always being watched by their neighbours. Pray that God will make seeing eyes blind and that North Korean Christians will not be discovered.

Pray when you hear a siren

Tens of thousands of North Korean Christians are imprisoned in prison camps or sentenced to forced labour. Pray for strength and comfort for them, and that they will soon be free. Pray especially for those who have started to lose hope, or have even given up on their faith, that they will know God’s love and presence with them.

Read Hannah's* amazing story of surviving a North Korean labour camp.

Pray as you pass a church building

It’s hard to go far in the UK or Ireland without passing a church building. In North Korea, although there are four church buildings in Pyongyang which hold services, defectors testify that these churches serve as showpieces – they hold fake services in an attempt to convince visitors to the country that there is religious freedom in North Korea. The greatest desire of Christians in North Korea is to be able to meet together and worship in freedom. Pray that that day will come soon.

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