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09 June 2020

Update: Trinity's treatment in China has been postponed

Thanks to your prayers and support, Trinity (7), one of the children injured in the church bomb attack in Samarinda, Indonesia in 2016, has been receiving treatment for her injuries in China. However, the Chinese medical team who are working to help her recover have decided to postpone her treatment as it is causing her too much pain. 

8 June 2020 

Thanks to your prayers and support, Trinity (7), one of the children injured in the church bomb attack in Samarinda, Indonesia in 2016 has been receiving treatment for her injuries in China. However, the Chinese medical team who are working to help her recover have decided to postpone her treatment as it is causing her too much pain. 

Trinity, accompanied by her mother, Sarina, went in for treatment at the end of April in Guangzhou, China. Trinity received burns all over her body from the attack and has since developed keloids (enlarged, raised scars) which will make ordinary healing much harder. “But the doctor predicted that the function and appearance of all injured parts on her body can only be healed as far as 70-80%,” Sarina says. 

Trinity’s doctor is taking the emotional and psychological effects on Trinity into consideration, as she has also developed a poor appetite. But it’s unclear whether her poor appetite is related to the amount of medicine and anaesthetic she has taken over the last few years, or if it’s a psychological reason. “It is slowing the recovery from within, as she needs nutritious foods, especially in her situation,” says Sarina. 

The Covid-19 pandemic is also making it more difficult for Sarina to cope with the situation. None of her family members are able to travel to China to help due to travel restrictions. “I miss my children in Samarinda very much, and also my husband, who must work in other countries to provide for my family, but I have to hold it in for now,” says Sarina. 

Trinity and Sarina’s translator, Dr David, is also stuck in Indonesia. He went back to Indonesia just before the outbreak of Covid-19 and has not been able to return to China. “It is quite difficult to communicate with the medics and therapist while Dr David is not around,” Sarina explains. 

But even so, Sarina has seen answers to prayer – and this is thanks to your support. Open Doors partners have been helping Trinity and her family to cover medical costs as well as supporting them spiritually. Sarina says, “All of you are like God’s wings who cover and protect us through this journey.”  

Please continue to hold Trinity, Sarina and the medical team in China in your prayers. 


  • For Trinity’s continued recovery, as more than three years of operations and medical treatment have affected her overall emotional and psychological health 
  • That God will strengthen Sarina’s well-being and give her good health emotionally, spiritually, and physically, as she accompanies her daughter during the treatments in China 
  • For the whole family who are separated for the time being, that God will bless them with peace and joy despite the circumstances. 


6 May 2020

Thank you so much for your continued prayers for Trinity (7), one of the victims of the church bombing in Samarinda, Indonesia, in 2016. She’s been undergoing advanced treatment for her injuries in Guangzhou, China since September 2017. 

Having experienced the effects of the lockdown in China due to coronavirus, Trinity has drawn her own encouragement for you: “Stay home and be safe. We can definitely fight the coronavirus.” 


Trinity wants to encourage everyone during the coronavirus lockdown.

If anybody knows how to be brave and resilient in the face of a challenge, it’s Trinity. 

Although her treatment is going well, she and her family have been travelling between China and Indonesia constantly – and this has greatly affected Trinity’s education as she cannot attend school regularly. “Whenever she makes new friends in Indonesia, there comes the time that we must go to China for the next treatment,” says Sarinah, Trinity’s mum. 

The gap between each surgery is usually about three months. In between surgeries, Sarinah and Trinity would return to Indonesia to save money. But Trinity’s wounds post-surgery weren’t healing well, as their local hospital in Indonesia doesn’t have the expertise to care for her post-surgery treatment. Sarinah has since decided to stay in China, for Trinity’s sake.  

In 2019, Trinity started attending kindergarten in Guangzhou. “It is an international private school, which belongs to a pastor who is aware of our situation. It is very difficult for non-citizens to attend any of the public schools here,” explains Sarinah. “Thank God she enjoys the school and loves learning new languages, especially English and Chinese, the spoken language in the school.” 

When Covid-19 broke out in Wuhan, China, the family - who are living in a small apartment - were affected too. Sarinah says, “We have been staying in the apartment for months now. Trinity studies at home and we worship at home too. As for the treatment, the doctor will contact us to set up the next schedule for operation. We go outside, only to buy groceries or play for a while to get refreshed. 

“It is a challenging situation. We miss our family very much, but we can’t return to Indonesia. But we are rejoicing in the Lord and will wait patiently for the situation to get better and proceed to the next treatment. We are grateful that many people have shown care to us – the believers here, donors from Indonesia and also support from Open Doors,” said Sarinah. 

Open Doors have been supporting the family, spiritually and financially, since the church bomb attack that wounded Trinity and two other children, Alvaro and Anita in 2016. Last year, we gave them some financial support, for the third time, to help the family with the cost of the treatments in China.  

“Thank you, Open Doors, you have always been there for us from the beginning. This time, it (the lockdown) is even difficult for you, so please stay strong. We are praying for all the Open Doors’ supporters all over the world,” says Sarinah.  


  • That Trinity’s treatments will continue to go ahead safely, and that she and her family will continue to heal from the attack 
  • That God would continue to heal and bless Alvaro and Anita and their families, who were also affected by the bomb attack 
  • For Open Doors partners working with the families, that they would be able to continue to support them for as long as needed despite any restrictions in place to combat the spread of coronavirus. 


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