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Tune into TWR this winter for a deeper look at the World Watch List

New to Open Doors and wish you knew more? Been with us for years and want a deeper look into life for Christians in Myanmar or Kazakhstan? Tune in to TWR for a 13 part series looking at the countries on the Open Doors World Watch List and the challenges facing our brothers and sisters in these nations.

Each episode details a country where faith in Jesus is costly and features stories and interviews with Open Doors partners and staff. Tune in on Freeview HD 733, Sky Guide Channel 0138, Freesat 790 and at twr.org.uk. Missed an episode? Catch up through the links below.

Episode guide

The World Watch List and Somalia

Henrietta Blyth, CEO of Open Doors UK & Ireland, introduces the World Watch List, and Dr Ron Boyd-MacMillan, an Open Doors expert, shares about life for Christians in Somalia.


Open Doors staff members Claire joins TWR to talk about Iraq, and we hear from Father George, a partner of Open Doors, who leads a church in Quaraqosh.

Iran and Afghanistan

TWR speaks to Open Doors staff member Beth about the situation in Iran, and Saskia Brown about persecution in Afghanistan.

Kazakhstan, Tajikistan and Central Asia

Open Doors staff member Hazel Johnson speaks on the needs of persecuted Christians in Kazakhstan and Tajikistan, and we look more widely at Central Asia.

Syria and Jordan

Pastor Abdullah, an Open Doors partner in Aleppo, Syria, shares abotu life in his community, and Eddie Lyle, President of Open Doors UK & Ireland, shares about the challenges the civil war in Syria has created. We also speak to Open Doors staff member Andy about his visits to Jordan, and the needs of the church there.

India and Pakistan

Open Doors staff member Dr Matthew Rees joins us on this week’s programme, to talk to us about India where persecution is increasing. Dr Ron Boyd-MacMillan returns to discuss their northern neighbours, Pakistan.


We’re joined by Open Doors staff member Tamsin Taylor to find out about life for Christians living in China.

North Korea

Open Doors staff member Emma Worrall tells us about Open Doors’ work in North Korea. Then we speak to John Choi, who escaped from the country, and became a Christian, to find out how Christianity is viewed by those in charge of the secretive and authoritarian state.

Indonesia and Malaysia

Head of Advocacy for Open Doors UK & Ireland Zoe Smith joins TWR to talk about Indonesia and Malaysia. We also hear the story of Rudi, a Muslim cleric in Indonesia who became an evangelist for the gospel.

Myanmar, Sri Lanka, and Nepal

Dr Matthew Rees joins us once again to talk about the experiences of Christians in Myanmar, Sri Lanka, and Nepal. We also speak to Pastor Lalith, an Open Doors partner, who lives in Sri Lanka.


Open Doors staff member Beth returns to share about the persecution of Christians in Colombia. We also get some first-hand experience from Cercelino who became a Christian when missionaries visited the country in the 1980s.


Open Doors staff member Tamsin Taylor is back on the programme to share about the daily challenges facing the Christians in Egypt.


We finish our series on the World Watch List by speaking to Open Doors staff member Andrew Harris about Nigeria, and an Open Doors partners tells us her testimony of living in northern Nigeria.

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