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  • Leader: President Ilham Aliyev
  • Population: 9.9 million (319,000 Christians)
  • Main Religion: Islam
  • Country fact sheet

The government monitors religious groups closely and imposes restrictive legislation.

Officially, Azerbaijan is secular and religion is tolerated. However, very little information gets out of the country – a sign that Christians are facing intense government pressure. Surveillance is so high that Christians do not know who to trust. Many end up isolated and alone. Local authorities and police raid religious meetings, detaining believers and confiscating religious materials. Believers from Muslim backgrounds face persecution from their family, community and local imams.

Please Pray 

  • That Christians would know whom to trust and have the courage to share the gospel
  • For strength and comfort for secret believers and those ostracised by their family
  • That new Bibles and study materials would reach Christians who have had theirs confiscated in church raids.

How Open Doors helps

Open Doors provides immediate aid to Central Asian believers when they are placed in prison, excluded them from families and communities, and deprived of livelihood and employment because of their faith in Christ. We also strengthen the persecuted church in Central Asia through:

  • Literature distribution
  • Training (biblical training, children/youth training, advocacy and awareness training, vocational training)
  • Women's ministry
  • Income-generating projects
  • Relief ministry.



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