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  • Leader: King Sheikh Hamad 
  • Population: 1.4 million (188,000 Christians)
  • Main Religion: Islam
  • Country fact sheet

Although Bahrain’s constitution provides for religious freedom, the state restricts freedom of expression and assembly.

The considerable numbers of expatriate Christians, though free to worship in private, experience high levels of surveillance from government and security services. Believers from a Muslim background face most persecution. Leaving Islam is seen as a betrayal of tribe and family, and the community will put pressure on a convert to return to Islam. It is illegal for Christians to evangelise Muslims.

Please Pray 

  • That believers from Muslim backgrounds would grow in their knowledge of Christ and would become secure in their faith
  • For true religious freedom in Bahrain for all people
  • That Christians would have the wisdom and boldness to reach out to their Muslim neighbours, colleagues and family members.

How Open Doors helps

Open Doors supports the body of Christ on the Arabian Peninsula through organising prayer, distributing Scripture resources and training believers and pastors.


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