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  • Leader: Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed
  • Population: 104.3 million (62 million Christians)
  • Main Religion: Christianity (mainly Orthodox), Muslim
  • Country fact sheet

Ethiopia is a Christian-majority country, yet Christians face persecution from the government, extremist Muslims, and even each other.

Islamic oppression poses a real threat to Christians. In Muslim-majority areas, converts from Islam are denied family rights and access to communal resources. The government, suspicious about religion in general, continues to restrict religious freedom: religious broadcasting services and religious activities in schools are banned. The Ethiopian Orthodox Church consider itself the one true church - those who leave to join Protestant churches have been physically attacked.


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Please Pray 

  • For greater freedom for the church, and for God to change the hearts of Ethiopian government officials
  • For unity and reform within the church
  • For provision for Christians in Ethiopia, particularly those who are denied access to communal resources, or have been rejected by their families for leaving Islam.

How Open Doors helps

Open Doors has been active in Ethiopia since the late 1980s, working through local partners and churches to equip Christians for ministry. Our work is focused around equipping Christians for the work of ministry, as well as helping Christians to deal with the emotional and physical results of persecution. This includes:

  • Preparing believers for persecution and offering relief in certain cases
  • Livelihood support
  • Cross-cultural evangelism training and support
  • Management training for church leaders
  • Theological and discipleship training.


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