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  • Leader: President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih
  • Population: 376,000 (A few thousand Christians)
  • Main Religion: Islam
  • Country fact sheet

All citizens are expected to be Muslims and these close-knit homogeneous island communities act as natural watchdogs for any deviation from this.

Conversion can lead to being reported to Muslim leaders or authorities. Radical Islamic clerics exert strong control, making it impossible for converts to show their faith in any way. Migrant Christians (from India and Sri Lanka) are strictly monitored, too. Reportedly, most have ceased meeting, since it was drawing too much attention from the authorities. 

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Please Pray 

  • Ask God to give people dreams and visions that will lead them to hear of His love
  • For God’s healing and new birth in the lives of the large numbers of Maldivians who have been damaged by drug abuse.

How Open Doors helps

Open Doors is dedicated to supporting persecuted Christians in South East Asia through the following:

  • Advocacy and awareness
  • Prayer support.


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