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World Watch List 2018 Church Pack

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Could your church be the answer to a persecuted Christian’s prayer? The World Watch 2018 Church Pack helps you to share the insights and information from the Open Doors World Watch List 2018 with your church. The pack contains a complete service outline, World Watch List maps for adults and children, and other exciting, inspiring resources specially designed for youth groups and children’s sessions.

Do you know…

  • How many Christians are persecuted worldwide?
  • Which countries are the most dangerous to live in as a Christian?
  • What Open Doors is doing to support persecuted Christians?

World Watch List 2018 Church Pack

The World Watch List 2018 Church Pack takes the stats and facts of the Open Doors World Watch List 2018 and helps you share them with your church. With resources specially designed for church services, youth groups and children’s sessions, connect your church with our persecuted family and join the world’s largest secret network of help and hope.

The World Watch List 2018 Church Pack contains:

  • Holy Rice! Church Service Outline
  • World Watch List 2018 Guide
  • World Watch List 2018 Map
  • World Watch List 2018 Youth Session: Leader’s Guide
  • Map of Millions: Children’s Resource with Activity Session
  • World Watch List 2018 Bookmark
  • Gift Aid Envelope

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World Watch 2018 Films

In the Holy Rice service outline we suggest showing a short film. There are three to choose from – you can watch them on the World Watch List Videos page and select which film is most suitable.