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World Watch ranking: 43
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President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador

How many Christians?
129.6 million (95.7%)

Main threat
  • Organised crime and corruption

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How many Christians are there in Mexico?  

There are 129.6 million Christians in Mexico – they make up the majority of the total population, which is 135.4 million. 

How are Christians persecuted in Mexico? 

In Mexico, criminal groups struggle for territorial control. As Christians speak out against criminal operations and violence, they are targets for violence and threats as gangs try to silence them.

In rural indigenous communities, anyone who turns away from traditional religious beliefs can face rejection and punishment in the form of fines, imprisonment, and forced displacement. Non-discrimination laws mean that any links between Christian faith and politics are placed under very strict legal scrutiny.

In areas controlled by criminal groups or drug cartels, young men are exposed to indoctrination and forced recruitment. Those who do not accept it — for reasons of Christian faith or otherwise — face threats, potential abduction and even death. Families, too, are bribed and intimidated to force their children to obey the gangs. Church leaders are often victims of extortion because they are assumed to have access to church funds. Mexico also has the highest rate of human trafficking in the world, and women are easy targets for illegal armed groups to recruit or abduct.

Meet Pastor Imeldo

“When I said to them, I could not pay, they asked me to sign a document in which I’d renounce my Christian faith. I told them I couldn’t do it because I strongly believed in Jesus Christ.” Pastor Imeldo, who was fined and jailed

What’s life like for Christians in Mexico? 

Adolfina was born in San Andrés Yaá, a small indigenous community in the heart of Oaxaca's mountain range in southwestern Mexico. After converting to Christ, she and her husband Imeldo returned there to tell others about God.  

“We started talking about the word of God,” Adolfina recalls. “And many listened… Little by little, some were converted. That’s when my husband said, ‘We have to make a little church so we can get together and talk to them more.’”

Adolfina and Imeldo built a church on land belonging to Adolfina’s father, where they held services four days a week. But Christian worship is considered a betrayal by indigenous communities in Mexico who highly value their ancestral traditions. So as their church grew, opposition surfaced.

“They brought the people together, held an assembly and forbade us to hold services,” says Adolfina. “But my  husband said, ‘No, I will not give up my Christ. Do what you want – I won’t give up.’”

Pastor Imeldo was locked up and, that same night, the church building was destroyed. Imeldo and Adolfina eventually left San Andrés Yaá and began a long legal battle for compensation for their losses. When their own funds ran out, Open Doors came alongside them with help for their legal fees.

Sadly, Pastor Imeldo died from Covid in 2020, but Adolfina is still supported by Open Doors partners. “I thank the brothers who support all the Christians who are suffering,” she says. “We are grateful. The only thing I ask of Open Doors and the brothers all over the world is to continue praying for us.”

Is it getting easier to be a Christian in Mexico? 

Despite falling six places in 2022’s World Watch List, from 37 to 43, life is not getting easier for Mexican Christians. Criminals were able to take advantage of the socio-political instability surrounding the Covid-19 crisis to reinforce and increase their territorial dominance, generating greater vulnerability (and increased violence) for Christians. The pandemic also encouraged the indigenous community authorities to act more harshly against those Christians refusing to adhere to traditional customs. Additionally, it's becoming more difficult for Christians to find a chance to express their viewpoints in the public square.  

How can I help Christians in Mexico? 

Please keep praying for your brothers and sisters in Mexico. Your gifts and prayers make an enormous difference to those following Jesus no matter the cost. 

Open Doors strengthens persecuted believers in Mexico with biblical training, legal support, trauma care and socio-economic aid.

please pray

Father God, protect our brothers and sisters in Mexico who are vulnerable to the practices of criminal gangs. Give indigenous believers courage to maintain their faith, even when their villages turn against them. Draw them together as a strong force of faith in those areas. Help Christians to face violence with courage and to speak out against corruption in the country. May the love of Your people lead persecutors to knowledge of Your love. Amen.  

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