Among the Ashes

Learning lament with the persecuted church

Where can we turn when we find ourselves standing among the ashes?

Among the Ashes

What do we do when everything falls apart?
How do we pray when God seems distant – or even when it seems like He’s not there at all?
How do we learn to wait with patience and hope?
Where can we turn when we find ourselves standing among the ashes?

Among the Ashes is a new resource for small groups and churches focusing on the issue of lament.

Using powerful testimony from our persecuted church family, and presented by staff members of Open Doors UK and Ireland, the series explores how the witness of the persecuted church and the theology of the psalms can open up a way through these times of loss and suffering.

Through five videos and an accompanying discussion guide, the series explores the four ‘movements’ of lament: starting with the need for us to be honest with God, then recognising God’s presence, relying on His promises, and finally, waiting for a reply.

None of us want to go through times of suffering and loss. But the truth is that some of the most powerful encounters we will ever have, can only occur in times when we find ourselves standing among the ashes.

  • Five inspirational films featuring stories from India, Egypt, Iraq, and Nigeria.
  • Free orderable discussion guide.
  • Ideal for lent groups, small groups, prayer evenings or even church services.
  • Includes reflection on five lament psalms.
  • To accompany the videos there is a free orderable discussion guide, which provides session plans to accompany each video, as well as background material and Bible readings.

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