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Resources for children and families

Persecution is an issue that affects all ages. When Christians are attacked or excluded or treated unfairly, it’s not just the adults who suffer. Similarly, it’s not just adults who can recognise and respond to injustice. Children know only too well about issues of unfairness and bullying. So, here you will find family-friendly resources, which have been specially designed to help you to discuss the issue of persecution with children and adults alike.

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Post It


Millions of children experience persecution – either because their family is being persecuted for being Christian, or because their choice to follow Jesus is seen as a rejection of their family religion. Either way, they need encouragement. POST IT! is a resource to help children encourage persecuted Christian children through drawings, photos, videos, audio recordings, cards, postcards and yes, even letters!

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Secret Smuggler

Secret Smuggler

Scary soldiers, death-defying dares, bold prayers, true love, and miracles. It’s all there in Secret Smuggler - a fun, family-friendly way to find out the story of Brother Andrew, the founder of Open Doors. Why not share the amazing story of Brother Andrew with your children and inspire them to join the adventure of serving their persecuted family around the world?

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Can you believe it?

Can You Believe It? Church Pack

Imagine you live in a land where, because you’re a Christian:

  • you’re failed in your studies
  • your neighbours beat you up
  • your home is destroyed
  • your family is put in prison
  • your father is killed.

How would you respond? Would you lose heart, give up, change your faith? Or would you pray harder, stay faithful, grow bolder? Find out how God is strengthening his followers around the world in the face of hostility, violence and injustice - and share it with your church.

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Films and food - the perfect way to find out more about your amazing family around the world! A series of engaging, family-friendly videos tell stories from India, Egypt, Nigeria, and more. follow the recipe suggestions and cook a meal from that country. There are also quizzes, simple prayers and even placemats for you to colour in. Our free pack has all the instructions, so order a copy now!

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More videos 

These videos were created to accompany our Fast Food resource.

"WOW! The Fast Food packs are superb. Your resources are outstanding!"
- Tori Jones, ex-teacher and local preacher in training