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Post It! Resource

Do you want to inspire children with stories of adventure, courage and secret faith – and get them involved in supporting their persecuted family?

Our new resource POST IT! gives children a whole range of ways to send messages of encouragement to children whose Christian identity brings risk and danger. It includes:

  • information on encouragement campaigns for Central Asia, India and Colombia
  • lots of different ways to send messages: drawings, cards, photos, audio, video
  • something for all ages – but especially children aged 5-11.

Writing a message or sending a drawing offers a really meaningful way for children, families and Sunday School groups to engage with issues of faith, justice and freedom in today’s world. It also gives a great reason to pray. With so many options, you can use it at home or at church, again and again! All campaigns in POST IT! currently run until 31 December 2019. Order this unique new resource now – then get posting!

You can also find information about the most dangerous places to live as a Christian - together with a children’s activity session based around the Central Asia Drawing Campaign - on our family-friendly World Watch 2019 Map. Order a copy – and stickers, too!

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