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Sing for Syria

Share the message of ‘God with us’ this Christmas.

Sing for Syria

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Looking for fresh resources for Christmas? Stand with your Syrian brothers and sisters and be inspired by their faith as you worship, pray and offer your gifts this season. The Sing for Syria pack gives you all you need to share the message of light and life in your church, school or community and includes:

Order as many carol sheets and sticker sheets as you need.

Raise funds by raising voices - YOUR GIFT WILL BE DOUBLED

The Sing for Syria carol sheet not only makes a great free takeaway at the end of your service. Why not order a bunch to take with you when you go carol-singing in your neighbourhood? Every £26 you raise can provide a family in Syria with a winter relief pack for a month – and right now your gift will be doubled by a generous Open Doors supporter to help twice as many vulnerable families to survive the freezing winter.

Ma’amoul - Middle Eastern mince pies

This date-filled biscuit recipe was a technical challenge on TV’s The Great British Bake-off (Spice week – Series 9, Episode 6). Why not bake some yourself and offer them round? Sounds yummy!

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If you'd like to sing for Syria, but you don't want to organise your own event, why not attend an event organised by our friends at Singing for Syrians?