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Tears of Gold

Discover how God is turning grief to joy for the women of the persecuted church.

Ladi was only back in her village in Nigeria because it was a school holiday.

She never returned to school. She was abducted by Boko Haram extremists and forcibly married to one of the soldiers.

“I became pregnant and gave birth to my son, Emmanuel,” she recalls. “From there I decided that it was time for me to escape. One night, I took to my heels and kept running.”

Tears of Gold

Ladi is one of the Nigerian women and girls featured in our new church resource, Tears of Gold. This resource contains portraits of seven courageous, remarkable, faithful Nigerian women all of whom have survived abuse and persecution because of their gender and their faith.

One set of their portraits was painted by UK artist Hannah Rose Thomas who travelled to Nigeria to help with Open Doors-supported trauma-care workshops. The other set was painted by the women themselves, during the workshop.

For Ladi, this was life-changing. “Before, I could not hold a pen and do anything, but now through this art project I have learnt how to draw. I drew myself and when I looked at it this morning I saw how beautiful I am.”

Many of the women, including Ladi, painted tears of gold on their faces. And that’s what this resource is all about. It’s about how beauty can emerge from brutality, how trauma and tragedy can be transformed through the love of God into signs of hope, forgiveness and redemption.

It’s about how tears of pain can become tears of gold.

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The pack includes:

  • 14 postcards – seven portraits and seven self-portraits
  • Ten ‘Portraits and Prayer’ guides to help people pray
  • Service guide - help your church to pray for persecuted women
  • Small group outline - perfect for prayer groups or small groups. 

About the Portraits

The portraits in this pack came from trauma care workshops for Nigerian girls and women, supported by Open Doors. UK artist Hannah Rose Thomas attended one of these workshops and helped the women to paint self-portraits. As they painted the tears of gold on their faces, all were helped to see themselves as children of God, loved, cherished and of inestimable worth. When she returned to the UK, Hannah painted her own portraits of the women, capturing their beauty, courage and dignity.

For Ladi, drawing her self-portrait made a huge impact: “Today I am filled with joy. I want to thank my brothers and sisters all over the world for the support that they have sent. When I go home, anywhere I see a paper and pen I will pick it up and try to draw my beautiful face.” 

Coming soon: more resources to go with your Tears of Gold pack, including how you can host your very own Tears of Gold art exhibition.