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FIFTH COURSE: Central Asia

For the FIFTH COURSE we suggest coffee and cake. Why? Because in some Central Asian countries, Christians disguise their meetings as meals to avoid arrest. They are sharing prayers and Bible verses, but it looks to all the world as though they are just having coffee and cake.

Central Asia is a region that encompasses the so-called 'Stans - Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan - some also include Afghanistan. It's a region where, increasingly, Christians face arrest, imprisonment and violence.


Stories of Bible smuggling and secret meetings from persecuted church leaders in Central Asia. Despite the discrimination, arrest and imprisonment, Christians have not forgotten Jesus and the gospel is spreading.
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A family-friendly video. Brother Viktor used to be a taxi driver - now he's selling quail's eggs. Find out why in this child-friendly video about persecuted Christians in Central Asia.

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Prepare your table with these two placemat designs. Placemats for adults/teens include a quiz, real-life story, Bible verse, and discussion question. Children's placemats include a picture to colour in, a real-life story, an easy-to-read version of the Bible verse, and a short prayer.

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prayer diary

Prayer Diary

The Open Doors Prayer Diary is a unique monthly resource that helps you pray for your persecuted brothers and sisters and the work of Open Doors around the world. It also includes good news stories and answers to prayer.

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Feel free to keep it simple and just serve coffee and your favourite cake. Add dried apricots, raisins and pistachios for a flavour of Central Asia (they drink a lot of tea, for those who don't fancy coffee). Here are some links for cakes from Central Asia: How to throw a Central Asian tea-party,opens in new tabTurkmen honey cakeopens in new tab, Apple cake from Kyrgyzstanopens in new tab

And here are some Central Asian savoury dishes: Somsa - the Uzbekistan version of a samosaopens in new tab, Plov - a rice and lamb dish from Central Asiaopens in new tab, A page of Afghan dishesopens in new tab



The following countries are on the Open Doors World Watch List: Afghanistan (2), Uzbekistan (17), Turkmenistan (23), Tajikistan (29) and Kazakhstan (34). Kyrgyzstan was on the list in 2016.

"I went to the LORD for help, and he listened. He saved me from all that I fear."
- Psalm 34:4