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For your SIXTH COURSE we suggest lamb kebabs, or lamb stuffed in pitta. Why? Because it's a fast food version of the biblical Passover meal!

In 2014, Christians from Karamles, a village of around 600 families, fled together when it was overrun by so-called Islamic State militants. Two years later, they commemorated their exile in Erbil with what their church leader called a 'Pesach' or Passover meal. Just as the Jewish Passover commemorates the exodus from Egypt, so the people of Karamles remembered when they fled their homes and how God has been with them through difficult times.

Since then, Karamles has been liberated and Christians are beginning to think about returning. So this week, as we remember Jesus' last supper, it's a chance to also remember the body of Christ in Iraq.

Iraq: exile and return

A look at the experience of some Christian families in Iraq, forced into exile by persecution, but hoping for a return.

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What does a church look like?

A family-friendly video showing how persecution has changed the church in a small village near Mosul - both the building and the people.
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Prepare your table with these two placemat designs. Placemats for adults/teens include a quiz, real-life story, Bible verse, and discussion question. Children's placemats include a picture to colour in, a real-life story, an easy-to-read version of the Bible verse, and a short prayer.

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prayer diary

Prayer Diary

The Open Doors Prayer Diary is a unique monthly resource that helps you pray for your persecuted brothers and sisters and the work of Open Doors around the world. It also includes good news stories and answers to prayer.

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You can, if you like, all just nip out to the kebab van! But here are some other ideas: Passover meal recipes opens in new tab Authentic Iraqi kebab recipe opens in new tab , Griddled lamb pitta opens in new tab, And a low-fat version opens in new tab.



Church leaders and Christians in Syria are asking for our help. They ask us to speak up on their behalf for three things: equality, dignity and responsibility. You can help their call reach the ears of world leaders by signing the Hope for the Middle East petition. Make your voice count!

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Iraq is number 8 on the Open Doors World Watch List 2018. For more background information, check out the World Watch List section of our website where you can find detailed, country-specific information on the 50 countries where it is most dangerous to live as a Christian.

You can also order your free copy of the Open Doors World Watch LIst 2018, read about the latest  global trends in persecution and discover the four responses to persecution. Do you dive and survive, register and submit, flee and live, or stay and die?

Was Jesus' last supper a traditional Passover meal? Here's a bit of history from the Biblical Archaeology Society. opens in new tab

"The cross of our Lord Jesus Christ is my only reason for boasting."
- Galatians 6:14