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For STARTERS, we look at the global picture of where faith costs the most. These are places where followers of Christ must keep their beliefs hidden and where living the gospel means facing beatings, imprisonment, discrimination and abuse.

World Watch Top 5

This video is an introduction to the World Watch List and to the five countries where faith costs the most. How do Christians survive here?

Have you ever been bullied?

A family-friendly video. Perfect for children and families, this an introduction to the World Watch List and the work of Open Doors.
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Fast Food was originally designed as a Lent resource, so that's why we begin with a pancake party! But, let's face it, pancakes can be enjoyed any time. To flip or not to flip - that is the question.

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Prepare your table with these two placemat designs. Placemats for adults/teens include a quiz, real-life story, Bible verse, and discussion question. Children's placemats include a picture to colour in, a real-life story, an easy-to-read version of the Bible verse, and a short prayer.

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For more background information, check out the World Watch List section of our website where you can find detailed, country-specific information on the 50 countries where it is most dangerous to live as a Christian.

"In the same way, we are many people, but in Christ we are all one body. We are the parts of that body, and each part belongs to all the others."
- Romans 12:5