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Open Doors offers a unique way for you to connect with your persecuted family all around the world. Wherever Christians are tortured, harassed, punished or murdered for their faith, we are campaigning, praying, providing practical support and smuggling hope. You can be part of this adventure.

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Secret Church Devotional

Send a Bible to North Korea

The Open Doors Secret Church Devotional is a great new way to spend time with your persecuted family each day and support persecuted believers in North Korea. For every £10 given, you will receive a Secret Devotional and a persecuted believer in North Korea will receive the gift of a Bible.





World Watch List 2019

The World Watch List is Open Doors’ annual ranking of the 50 countries where Christians face the most extreme persecution. Find out how you can stand with your persecuted church family in prayer and action and be inspired by their courageous faith. 




God's Smuggler

Sixty years ago, a young Dutchman was inspired to smuggle Bibles into Communist Eastern Europe. It was the start of a great adventure. God's Smuggler is the account of Brother Andrew’s experience and has thrilled and inspired readers for more than forty years. This 60th anniversary edition includes photographs from Brother Andrew’s travels and an exclusive interview.

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