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Open Doors offers a unique way for you to connect with your persecuted family all around the world. Wherever Christians are tortured, harassed, punished or murdered for their faith, we are campaigning, praying, providing practical support and smuggling hope.  And you can be part of that adventure.

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Can you believe it?

Can You Believe It? Church Pack

Imagine you live in a land where, because you’re a Christian:

  • you’re failed in your studies
  • your neighbours beat you up
  • your home is destroyed
  • your family is put in prison
  • your father is killed.

How would you respond? Would you lose heart, give up, change your faith? Or would you pray harder, stay faithful, grow bolder? Find out how God is strengthening his followers around the world in the face of hostility, violence and injustice - and share it with your church.

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Live Like A North Korean

Live like a North Korean is a free Lent resource packed with daily prayers and reflections for individuals, to connect you with your persecuted North Korean family. What makes this different is that it also challenges you to live like a North Korean. You might have to spend a day without heating, or eating. You might bury your Bible, or get up early to meet in secret with other believers. These weekly actions offer a window into the world of North Korean Christians. 

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Open Doors World Watch List 2018

Discover the world of the persecuted church with our free, comprehensive global guide to Christian persecution. The Open Doors 2018 World Watch List includes background information, a map, and detailed prayer points for each of the top 50 countries where faith costs the most. It's an ideal way to inspire prayer and action on behalf of persecuted Christians around the world.

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Thy Kingdom Come Thumbnail

Thy Kingdom Come

Thy Kingdom Come is a global prayer movement initiated by the Church of England, calling people to pray for their world between Ascension and Pentecost (10-20 May). Open Doors has partnered with Thy Kingdom Come and 24-7 prayer to produce Deliver Us From Evil – 11 Prayers for the persecuted church.

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30 Days of Prayer for the Muslim World

Use 30 Days of Prayer and join with Christians around the world in praying for the Muslim world during Ramadan (27 May to 25 June). 30 Days of Prayer contains useful facts and information about Muslim practices and beliefs, stories of how God is at work in the lives of Muslims today and a daily focus on different countries and people groups across the Muslim world.

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Letter-writing Guide

One of the greatest gifts you can give a persecuted Christian is the knowledge that they're not alone. Over the years, thousands of Open Doors supporters have brought hope to persecuted Christians through letter-writing campaigns. A letter from you can bring hope and ecncouragement to persecuted Christians facing darkness and despair.

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Open Doors Magazine

Our bi-monthly magazine offers a compelling mix of news, in-depth reports and inspiring stories from our persecuted family. It's a unique, authoritative insight into the world of the persecuted church.

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Free Hope For the Middle East Wristband

Open Doors has launched a global, seven-year campaign to mobilise Christians to bring hope to the Middle East. This free wristband can serve as a reminder to pray for for the millions of people from Iraq and Syria who have been forced to flee their homes, and for the leaders who can act to provide them with a better future.

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Volunteer with Open Doors

Over 1,100 volunteers throughout the UK and Ireland are currently helping us in all sorts of ways, from stuffing envelopes to speaking in churches. Could you join them?

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