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This issue features an in-depth report on the courageous faith of the church in Pakistan, as well as a look at how your prayers and support are rebuilding homes in Iraq and supporting victims of so-called Islamic State in the Philippines.

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Egypt’s hidden story: The girls who disappear

The rising violence against Christians in Egypt often hits the headlines, with church bombings by extremist groups becoming a horrifyingly regular occurrence. Less well known are the stories of the Christian girls who are kidnapped by Islamic extremists, often being groomed and lured into forced marriages. Find out how you can support your church family in Egypt in prayer and action. Also, read about how your support is keeping hope alive in the Middle East and training evangelists in Sudan.

March 2018 Edition  New Window


How to survive in North Korea: Secrets, spies and standing firm

North Korea is the most dangerous place in the world to be a Christian. And yet, incredibly, the church in North Korea is growing – Open Doors estimates that there are 300,000 courageous believers in North Korea. In such an oppressive state, this should be impossible. How do they survive? Find out in this month’s magazine. Also, read an update on the Hope for the Middle East campaign, and find out about persecuted Christians who need your letters of encouragement.

January 2018 Edition  New Window


Part of your family

Wasihun is an eleven-year-old boy from Oromia State in Western Ethiopia. In many ways, he is just like other children his age. He likes to play football, he helps his Mum with chores, and he plays with his siblings – he has eight brothers and sisters, so he’s never short of a playmate! He likes school too – he says, “I am happy to go to school. I have friends to play with and I love learning.”

November 2017 Edition


Beauty for ashes: Hope for the Middle East campaign update from Iraq and Syria

Despite the attempts of Islamic extremists to wipe out the church in the Middle East, many of our brothers and sisters are determined to stay and shine as a light in the darkest of days. Read about how your prayers and support are helping to rebuild homes and lives in Iraq and Syria. Plus updates from our church family in Nigeria and Iran, and an interview with a pastor from Lebanon who will be speaking at Standing Strong.

September 2017 Edition  New Window


India: Singled out but not alone

Christians in India are facing increasing levels of persecution, but many are coming to faith after experiencing miraculous healings, and imprisoned believers have been reaching their fellow prisoners with the gospel. Read about how your prayers and support are making an incredible difference to our Indian brothers and sisters. Plus updates on our church family in Bangladesh and Indonesia, and information on our new church resource Rebuilding Hope in Syria and Iraq.

July 2017 Edition  New Window


Rebuilding hope for Christians in Syria and Iraq

Your support is keeping hope alive for our church family in Syria and Iraq in the darkest days. Find out how, by praying, giving and speaking out through the Hope for the Middle East campaign, you are helping our church family to begin to rebuild their homes, their lives, and their hope for the future. Plus updates from Pastor Behnam Irani from Iran, and our church family in northern Nigeria and Qatar.

May 2017 Edition  New Window

"I am happy to know that people are praying for us... Now I do not feel alone."
- Martha Geleta, widow of Yadeta Dinsa