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Prayer News LATEST EDITION - April/May 2018

Would you like to be part of Open Doors secret network, supporting persecuted Christians in prayer? The latest Prayer News DVD includes a mix of short videos and audio tracks that will take you across borders and right into their world.

Share this resource with your church, too, by ordering Prayer News from our Inspire team on 01993 460015 or by emailing inspire@opendoorsuk.org

Don’t miss, in this edition:

  • Take My Hand – a film about classes to support Christian children who are discriminated against in Egypt.
  • You’ve baptised how many? Pastor Emmanuel talks about his exciting work in Kuwait, discipling migrant labourers.
  • Beaten by your brother – pray for Vietnamese believer, Vang Atu, whose home was demolished when he chose to follow Jesus.
  • An interview with Eddie Lyle about meeting Yong Sook*, one of North Korea’s persecuted Christians and defectors.
  • Henry’s* story - held hostage for eight terrifying days in the battle of Marawi, Henry’s experience sheds light on why Open Doors is supporting Christians in the Philippines, even though it’s not on the World Watch List 2018.
  • Bikes and Bibles – Open Doors supporters are making life easier for pastors in Sudan, serving the persecuted church.

*Name changed for security reasons

Watch the tracks below:








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