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Prayer News LATEST EDITION – december 2018/january 2019

Would you like to be part of Open Doors secret network, supporting persecuted Christians in prayer? The latest Prayer News DVD includes a mix of short videos and audio tracks that will take you across borders and right into their world.

Share this resource with your church, too, by ordering Prayer News from our Inspire team on 01993 460015 or by emailing inspire@opendoorsuk.org

Here are some films from the current Prayer News DVD:

  • An interview with Pastor Abdalla, a church leader from Aleppo, Syria, whose church has become a Centre of Hope
  • Nari*, who escaped from North Korea and is now serving other North Korean refugees
  • Saed, who is sharing the gospel with other isolated Palestinian believers in the West Bank
  • An interview with Suleiman* from Nigeria, the Open Doors Director for West Africa
  • Brother Lam, who was arrested on his honeymoon and ministered to others in a prison cell
  • From guns to guitars: how Abraham* from Colombia escaped from serving in the military as a child soldier

*Name changed for security reasons

Watch the tracks below:








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