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Prayer News LATEST EDITION – MARCH/APRIL 2020 (277)

Would you like to be part of Open Doors secret network, supporting persecuted Christians in prayer? The latest Prayer News DVD includes a mix of short videos and audio tracks that will take you across borders and right into their world.

Share this resource with your church, too, by ordering Prayer News from our Inspire team on 01993 460015 or by emailing inspire@opendoorsuk.org

Here are some films from the current Prayer News DVD:

  • Nigeria: Rikiya, a Christian widow, has received support from Open Doors partners after her husband was murdered
  • Nigeria: Pastor Marcos has been encouraging his congregation to return to church after Islamic extremists attacked their village
  • Eritrea: Paul* was imprisoned for ten years after choosing to attend a non-registered church. But his faith grew stronger. 
  • Burkina Faso: Open Doors partners have been supporting believers affected by the extreme rise in violence over the last few years.
  • Central African Republic: Jeovani and his friends are growing stronger physically and spiritually after they were injured in an extremist attack in 2013.
  • Nigeria: Ijanada has received trauma care and support after she was kidnapped by Boko Haram as a teenager and held captive for four years.
  • Nigeria: Aisha, who was attacked in her home by Fulani herdsmen, is so encouraged by the letters she has received from supporters around the world! 

*Name changed for security reasons

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