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Prayer News 287 (Nov-Dec 2021)

Be part of Open Doors' secret network and support persecuted Christians in prayer. All the videos below are available to download for you to share them with your church or your home group. 

In this edition of Prayer News:

  • Iraq: Rafif (11) has to celebrate Christmas without her father, who died in an extremist attack. She now receives Christian education classes thanks to Open Doors supporters.
  • Nigeria: Sele suffered the loss of his father in religious violence when he was small. Thanks to you, he is now able to attend school.
  • Afghanistan: Saad* and Fatimah* are secret Christians in Afghanistan - and they have decided to stay in the country. Here, they ask for our prayers.
  • Lebanon: Jouan is a Syrian refugee living in Lebanon, where his cousin Pastor Nihad - whose story we told in Prayer News 285 - led him to faith in Christ.
  • Cameroon: Fadi has been repeatedly displaced from her home by Boko Haram violence – but has now received much-needed emergency aid from Open Doors partners.
  • Djibouti: Roda* is a convert and secret believer from Djibouti. She received help from Open Doors to start a small business so that she could make ends meet.

*Names changed for security reasons

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