Prayer News 281 (November-December 2020)

Would you like to be part of Open Doors secret network, supporting persecuted Christians in prayer? The latest Prayer News DVD includes a mix of short videos and audio tracks that will take you across borders and right into their world.

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Here are some films from the current Prayer News DVD, which you can also watch and download (below):

  • Colombia: 12-year-old Daniela is facing her second Christmas without her dad after he was murdered last year. But your prayers and support mean that she was able to spend Christmas 2019 at the Colombia Children's Centre.
  • Bangladesh: Bijli* (10) and her family face daily persecution in their village. But, last year, they were able to celebrate Christmas with their church family.
  • Iraq: Father Daniel shares some of his experiences of what life has been like growing up as a Christian and ministering as a priest in Iraq.
  • Vietnam: Chu* is an incredible lady who holds onto her faith despite having been pressured on all sides to deny Jesus.
  • China: Ron Boyd-Macmillan gives some detailed insights into the persecution of our Christian family in China and shares how we can be praying for them.
  • Ethiopia: Iris and Muluken have suffered hardship for their choice to follow Jesus, but have been helped with emergency aid as part of the Open Doors Covid-19 appeal.

*Names changed for security reasons

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