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THY KINGDOM COME - 10-20 May 2018

Do you want to see change in the world – and your community? Do you long for more people to know Jesus?

Thy Kingdom Come is a global prayer movement initiated by the Church of England, calling people to pray for their world between Ascension and Pentecost (10-20 May).

Open Doors has partnered with Thy Kingdom Come and 24-7 prayer to produce Deliver Us From Evil – 11 Prayers for the persecuted church.

This free downloadable resource is a great way to pray for the persecuted church over this time.

For each day of Thy Kingdom Come you’ll find a prayer focusing on one of the different ways in which Christians are persecuted. You’ll also find information about a country where Christians are being persecuted. It’s a great opportunity to join in prayer with your worldwide family and support your persecuted brothers and sisters.