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Rebuild Hope in Syria and Iraq - speak up for Noeh

In the past seven years, millions of people have been displaced by the conflict in Iraq and Syria. For those who want to return, it will be an uphill struggle of rebuilding homes and villages from scratch. They need water, electricity, building equipment and heaps of encouragement. But they're not going to get that from their government... unless Christians around the world speak out.

That's what the Hope for the Middle East campaign is for. That's how signing the global petition helps. That's how the Rebuild Hope pack can help you share this with your church. It all starts with Noeh's story...

Download the video now


The new Rebuild Hope pack will help you take Noeh's story to your church and help everyone - of whatever age - get involved in rebuilding hope for Christians in Syria and Iraq.

The Rebuild Hope pack includes:

  • an inspiring and fun all-age service outline
  • stimulating resources for prayer
  • the global petition form
  • stickers
  • 'Speak up for Noeh' poster
  • sample gift aid envelope

Order the Rebuild Hope pack here or call our Inspire team on 01993 460015. You can order more copies of the pack, stickers, or gift aid envelopes here.


Downloadable resources:

"You'll be known as those who can fix anything, restore old ruins, rebuild and renovate, make the community liveable again."


- Isaiah 58:12 (The Message)