Resources for Sermons

Introduce your church to the message of the persecuted church, using the following pre-prepared outline talks, sermon notes and Powerpoint presentations taken from past Open Doors resources.


Eddie's Reflections

Want to motivate your church to deeper discipleship? Looking for an illustration for your sermon? Bring the Bible alive with a true story from a persecuted Christian in today's world.



We are Family

As Christians we are part of one church, one body, one family. Produced as part of the World Watch Pack 2016, this talk focuses on the need to remember our persecuted brothers and sisters. The accompanying PowerPoint can also be downloaded.

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A Refugee Psalm

Originally featured in Live Like a Refugee, this is a reflection on Psalm 142 for displaced Christians, by a Syrian pastor.

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The Cost of being a Christian

Talk outline to accompany a Secret Screening of 15 minute film, The Cost. To order the film, phone Inspire on 01993 460015.

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Secret Church

What's it like to be a secret believer? Try it out for yourself with your church or small group by using our Secret Church resources. Also available separately is a talk resource outline for use after a Secret Church event.

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More Resources

With the latest news and needs of persecuted believers around the world. You can help your church to pray intelligently, give compassionately and speak up powerfully on behalf of our persecuted family

More Resources