Noeh sat in his destroyed bedroom


Open Doors has launched a global, seven-year campaign to mobilise Christians to bring hope to the Middle East. 

A global petition of over 800,000 signatures helped us to secure key meetings with the UN and the UK government – including a meeting with the UK Prime Minister – and these meetings are already beginning to bear fruit. But the challenges faced by our brothers and sisters in Syria and Iraq will not be solved overnight. Open Doors is committed to walking with them for as long as they need. 

Will you join us? Will you commit to prayer and action for Christians in the Middle East? 

To help you, we would love to send you a free Hope for the Middle East wristband – it’s a great way to remind you to pray for the millions of people from Iraq and Syria who have been forced to flee their homes, and for the leaders who can act to provide them with a better future. 

Order your free wristband today. Available for UK & Ireland residents only

Think this is a good idea?

Let others know that they can order a free wristband, and invite them to join you in praying for our brothers and sisters in Iraq and Syria.