Christians murdered in terror attack in Indonesia

On 11 May, four Christian men were murdered in a village in Indonesia. Members of a terrorist group are believed to be responsible. Open Doors partners are looking to help the families of the victims.

Terrorist attack in Indonesia: Open Doors partner reports on his visit

We recently shared the tragic story of an attack on a village called Kalimago, Napu, Central Sulawesi.  It took place on 11 May 2021, and four Christians were murdered by members of the extremist group MIT (Eastern Indonesia Mujahideen). Upon hearing the news, local Open Doors partner Brother Ari (name changed) and his team went to visit […]

Christmas celebration in Indonesia unites and strengthens persecuted believers

Shared experiences – even the hardest ones – have a wonderful way of uniting people. This is exactly what happened at a Christmas celebration for some 120 Christians from Muslim backgrounds in Indonesia. The event – put on by Open Doors local partners – was also momentous for other reasons…

Palm Sunday church attack in Indonesia

Unbearable pain from Palm Sunday bombing has brought Valeria closer to Jesus

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