Temporary truce in Yemen unlikely to benefit Christian minority

Last month, a two-month truce was implemented in Yemen to allow much-needed aid to reach the country’s citizens. However, it is unlikely to affect the Christian minority, who remain marginalised and vulnerable to discrimination. Please continue to pray for God’s peace, provision and protection for our church family.  

Dangerous discipleship: “I thought I was the only believer in Yemen”

A secret resistance is growing in Yemen despite the ongoing war: the church. And it’s growing because brave individuals like Mohammad are hearing God’s call and stepping out in faith.

Yemeni Christians face the pandemic with lives of hope

With the country in ruins after years of civil war, Yemen is facing the challenge of coping with Covid-19, but Christians in the country are choosing to respond to the challenge with lives of prayer, faith and hope.

Your prayers needed for Christians in Yemen shaken by arrest and torture

Death threats don’t deter Saleh in Yemen

Saleh has a courageous ministry in Yemen, one of the hardest places in the world to follow Jesus. It’s not often that we can hear stories from Yemeni believers – but today you can meet a bold and faithful believer who spreads the gospel in the face of extreme opposition.

Secret believers in Yemen ‘afraid and anxious’ amid Red Sea crisis, but they see God at work

Yemen is again in the mainstream news with the Red Sea crisis. We hear from secret believers who share how the situation is impacting them, how you can pray and what God is up to amid it.