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Christians in North Korea risk being killed if their secret faith is discovered. But they also face another danger: hunger. One believer says, during one of the regular food shortages in North Korea, “The government gave us advice to go into the mountains, pluck grass and make soup with some salt.” Her mother and brother died of starvation.

Your faithful prayers and gifts are enabling Open Doors underground workers to keep 60,000 secret believers alive in North Korea by smuggling in food and other aid.

But it isn’t only North Korea where our persecuted church family needs help to survive. Will you give a gift to support our brothers and sisters in North Korea and the other countries in the top ten on the World Watch List, where Christians face the most extreme persecution?

  • Every £59 could provide a monthly relief pack to keep a North Korean family alive . This could include food, medicines, clothes, boots and blankets.
  • Every £33 could provide access to education and vocational skills for a Christian woman living in a country we can’t name where believers face extreme persecution.

To give from the Republic of Ireland please download this PDF  PDF from iMap.