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Over 70 MPs

Over 70 MPs attend Open Doors report launchIn Parliament yesterday at least 74 MPs attended the launch of our latest report, Freedom of Religion and the Persecution of Christians, highlighting the scale and severity of persecution faced by Christians around the world. Jim Shannon MP and Stephen Pound MP both commented on the large number of MPs present, while Angie Bray MP called the event 'brilliant' and 'inspiring'.


"We thought that we were alone, but I think now that we are not alone. Our brothers and sisters around the world are supporting us, and also the most important thing: Jesus is with us."
- Father Daniel, Iraq

Egypt: Prayers for persecutors answered

25 February 2015 - After Islamic State militants executed 21 Egyptian Christians in Libya last week, the incredible story we're hearing from the Egyptian church is one of grace and forgiveness. One of our field workers in Egypt says: "The sound of prayers requesting mercy and life, not revenge and destruction, calling on God's name to come and change the hearts of the killers, is loudly heard across Egypt." Incredibly, prayers like these have been answered before.... Read more


Syria: Confirmed - hundreds of Christians abducted by IS

25 February 2015 - At least 72 Assyrian Christian families - thought to be around 200 people - from three villages have been captured by the self-proclaimed Islamic State. Sources from Syria's embattled Hassaka province report that families from the Tel Gouran, Tel Jazira and Tel Hormizd villages have been taken taken to the Arab Sunni village of Um Al-Masamier. The exact number of Christian hostages remains unknown.An additional 50 or more families are still under siege in Tel Shamiram village, surrounded by IS fighters.. Read more


Syria: Islamic State abduct Christians in dawn raids

24 February 2015 - At least 90 Christians have been abducted from the northeast of Syria by Islamic State militants, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) is reporting.. Read more


Central Asia: Microloans make dreams come true

23 February 2015 - "It is so hard for many Christian believers to find any job in our country," Amirjan* reflects. He lives in Central Asia, and despite having a degree in computer science, he wasn't able to find a job and provide for his family. Open Doors provided him with a microloan which meant that he was able to open a computer and cell phone repair shop.. Read more


Uzbekistan: Christians arrested, houses searched

23 February 2015 - A Pastor and one of his congregation have been arrested in Uzbekistan. Pastor Boris* was stopped and arrested at a police checkpoint. The next day the secret police raided the house of Alfia*, one of the members of his underground church.Pastor Boris was on his way to visit believers in a sister church in another city when he was stopped at a police checkpoint. Officers searched his vehicle and belongings. On his smartphone they found Christian material as well as the contact numbers of many believers in country.. Read more


Libya: 'We are proud of them' - brother of Egyptian martyr

17 February 2015 - The brother of one of the Egyptian Christians who were martyred in Libya has said: "We are proud of them." On Sunday 15 February a group linked to the self-proclaimed Islamic State issued a horrific video showing the beheading of the 21 Christians. "We had a hope that they would be released," the brother said on Monday, a day after the news was released. "But the will of God was [for them] to be martyrs of Christ, and that is better than life. They were martyred in the name of Jesus Christ. They kept the faith until the last moment.. Read more


Libya: 21 Egyptian Christians brutally executed

16 February 2015 - The Islamic State (IS) in Libya has beheaded 21 Egyptian Christians. In response, there are reports that Egypt has bombed IS targets.IS released a video showing the apparent beheadings of the Coptic Christians. They were clearly targeted because of their faith: a caption accompanying the video referred to them as 'people of the cross, followers of the hostile Egyptian church'.. Read more

"God has called me to stay here and be his witness. I cannot leave the other Christians behind."
- Eun Hee, Christian martyr from North Korea