Persecution News

14 April 2014

Turkey: Malatya murder trial postponed again

Seven years after three Christians were tortured and killed in southeast Turkey, the Malatya trial's 93rd hearing has been postponed until 23 June. Turkish Christians Necati Aydin and Ugur Yukset and German Christian Tilmann Geske were brutally murdered in the Malatya offices of Zirve Christian Publishing on 18 April 2007... Read more

10 April 2014

India: Christians anxious about outcome of elections

India is currently engaged in the largest show of democracy on earth. And the silent Christian community in India - reportedly 2... Read more

10 April 2014

Canadian nun and two priests abducted in Cameroon

A Canadian nun and two Italian priests have been kidnapped by armed men in northern Cameroon, a region which serves as a base for Nigeria's radical Islamist group Boko Haram. The Canadian nun, Gilberte Bussiere, 75, has been in Cameroon for nearly 40 years... Read more

09 April 2014

Syria: Priest shot dead in Homs

Frans van der Lugt, a Jesuit priest who refused to leave the embattled city of Homs, was assassinated on Monday 7 April. Independent news accounts reported that van der Lugt was taken from his house into his garden, where he was shot through the head... Read more

07 April 2014

Pakistan: Christian couple sentenced to death for blasphemy

Two Pakistani Christians have been sentenced to death for blasphemy. Husband and wife, Shafqat and Shaguftah Masih, were found guilty of sending a text message which insulted the prophet Muhammad to the imam of their local mosque... Read more

31 March 2014

Pakistan: Christian sentenced to death for blasphemy

A year after Muslims devastated the predominantly Christian Joseph Colony in Lahore, the man at the centre of the controversy has been sentenced to death for blasphemy because of claims that he insulted the Prophet Muhammud. Sawan Masih's sentence, handed down on 27 March, is based on a conversation that occurred between him and his Muslim friend in March 2013... Read more