In North Korea
being a Christian
is forbidden!
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19 August 2014 - Open Doors has stepped up its relief work in northern Iraq in response to the growing humanitarian crisis in the region. Thanks to the generous response to our Iraq appeal, our partners are now providing support to 3,000 fleeing families. An estimated 1.2 million people have now been displaced following the advances of IS into Iraq, many of whom were forced to flee their homes after IS militants told them to convert, leave or die.

"Prayer and giving money often feels like it is too easy, but it's not! It is making a huge difference in places like this"
- Lydia, Open Doors representative visiting Erbil, Iraq

// Nigeria: Open Doors delivers messages of support to Chibok families

28 August 2014 - It's five months now since the Chibok girls were abducted by Boko Haram. While their plight initially gained a lot of news coverage, the media has moved on to other stories, and there is no news of the girls to cheer their parents. However, we thank God for all of you who took the time to write a message of support. With much prayer and trepidation, our field team made the risky journey to Chibok where they met with 140 parents and presented them with thousands of messages from around the world. There were many tears and cries as they met together, but there was encouragement, too. Read more


// Central African Republic: Pastor and son killed in continuing unrest

27 August 2014 - Open Doors has learnt that another Central African pastor has lost his life in the Central African Republic, caught up in the crossfire between the Anti-Balaka and Seleka forces. Jean Mbefara was Pastor of the Foursquare Gospel Church in Bantagafo near the Chad border. At the beginning of August, Anti-Balaka forces attacked Seleka soldiers in the town, in a battle that lasted four hours. When Anti-Balaka retreated, Seleka descended upon the town intent on punishing civilians. Open Doors sources in the area said the Seleka members went door to door to search out and kill any men they found. Read more


// Nigeria: Boko Haram capture further towns amid 'Caliphate' claim

27 August 2014 - Boko Haram has seized control of the town of Ashigashya in Borno State on the border between Nigeria and Cameroon, after fighters moved into the town overnight on 25 August. There are reports that Boko Haram killed three people in front of a church in the town, but Open Doors contacts have been unable to confirm this. Approximately 500 soldiers have reportedly fled across the border into Cameroon after fierce fighting in the area, but Nigeria said they were conducting a 'tactical manoeuvre'. 'Caliphate' claim This follows Boko Haram's claim that they have set up an Islamic caliphate in north-eastern Nigeria. Read more


// Iraq: Text Alert Not from Open Doors

26 August 2014 - A message entitled "Urgent text from Open Doors" is circulating on social media containing false information about Christians in danger of beheading in Northern Iraq. This text is NOT from Open Doors, it is a hoax. We have no confirmation of this information, and are currently looking into it. While we do not want, in any way, to minimise the extent of the horror facing Iraq's Christians, and other minorities, at the hands of the Islamic State, spreading rumours like this does not help their cause. In the meantime, we ask that you continue to pray for our brothers and sisters in Iraq. Read more


// Iraq: Open Doors steps up aid to Iraq

19 August 2014 - Open Doors has stepped up its relief work in northern Iraq in response to the growing humanitarian crisis in the region. Thanks to the generous response to our Iraq appeal, our partners are now providing support to 3,000 displaced families. "Seeing what is necessary, at present we provide food parcels, containing basic non-perishable foods, like noodles, cooking oil, beans, canned fish and rice," one fieldworker explained. "Next to this we also distribute hygiene parcels which contain toothbrushes and toothpaste, but also soap and disinfectants. Read more


// Nigeria: UPDATE - 87 men and women rescued from Boko Haram

18 August 2014 - UPDATE: Most of those abducted by suspected Boko Haram members on 10 August have been rescued by Chadian troops, a Nigerian security official has told AFP. The official, who remains anonymous as he is not authorised to speak to the media, said that 65 men and 22 women were rescued, but 30 people are still being held captive by militants. This is contrary to previous reports that only men had been abducted. "The convoy being led by six Boko Haram gunmen was stopped on the Chadian part of the border along Lake Chad for routine checks and the huge number of people in the convoy raised suspicion," the unnamed official said. Read more


// North Korea: China arrests 11 North Korean refugees

18 August 2014 - Eleven North Korean defectors are in grave danger of repatriation, after being detained by Chinese border control units near the border of Laos, according to South Korean news channel, YTN. The group consists mostly of people in their 20s and 30s, including a 4-year-old child. They escaped from Bocheon, Yangkang Province, to Tsiingtao, Shandong Province on 7 August, and made their way to Kunming, Yunnan Province on 10 August. The following day they boarded a bus headed to Laos, but were caught by Chinese border guards at a checkpoint on the morning of 12 August. Read more

"God has called me to stay here and be his witness. I cannot leave the other Christians behind."
- Eun Hee, Christian martyr from North Korea