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Country Fact Sheet

Printable sheet with key facts, figures, information and prayer points. Useful for your church noticeboard or prayer group.



Maldives flag

Leader: President Abdulla Yameen
Population: 370,000 (A few hundred Christians)
Main Religion: Islam
Government: Islamic republic
World Watch List Rank: 13
Source of Persecution: Islamic extremism

Officially, there is not a single Maldivian Christian.

The constitution refers to the Maldives as '100 per cent Muslim' and being Maldivian is equated with being a Muslim; anyone who chooses to leave Islam is likely to lose their Maldivian citizenship. It is also illegal to 'propagate any religion other than Islam'; this can be punished with two to five years in prison. Maldivian Christians must keep their faith completely secret. Migrant Christians living in the Maldives can only practise their faith privately and are closely monitored.

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Please Pray: 

  • For comfort for isolated secret believers, and for them to find ways to safely make contact with other Christians
  • The government controls the media and always portrays Christians negatively. Pray that the non-verbal witness of migrant Christians and technology such as the internet will show Maldivians a true picture of what it means to follow Jesus
  • That against all odds, many Maldivians will come to faith.


Open Doors in Action:

Open Doors is dedicated to supporting persecuted Christians in South East Asia through the following:

  • Advocacy and awareness
  • Prayer support.