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The greatest gift you can give a persecuted Christian is the knowledge that they're not alone.

Around the world there are many persecuted Christians facing darkness and despair who need your encouragement. Click the boxes below to see who you can write to.

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Please note that you can only write to the above letter-writing campaigns. All other writing campaigns are now closed.

For inspiration and guidance as you write, here are some simple letter-writing guidelines. You may also use our additional resources to help you write your letter: Download our printable designs to colour in and complete.


Thank you!

Thank you so much for your letters and prayers. For persecuted Christians going through dark and difficult times, your messages of support are a source of hope and encouragement. But rather than us saying 'thank you' on behalf of our persecuted family, here are some updates from those you've written to, and how God has been at work in their lives...


Update on Pastor Bahrom and his family (Tajikistan)

Pastor Bahrom’s wife, Gulnora, has expressed her thanks for your support and encouragement after receiving hundreds of cards through an Open Doors letter-writing campaign.

 She says, “I am really grateful for all your encouraging words, all your prayers and warm feelings which I can feel through these cards, through your words. Thank you all, my precious brothers and sisters in Lord Jesus! It is very important for me and my family in this hard time to know that so many people care, pray about us.  I gave several of these translated cards to the prison to Bahrom. Bahrom was also very excited and encouraged by your prayers and warm words. He says, ‘I am really grateful to those who think, worry, pray for me and my family. I am grateful to my Heavenly Father for such a wonderful family, I am not alone in my prison - that is great! Thank you so much for your being so careful to write these cards for me and my wife. Thank you!’”

Your words make a huge difference to our brothers and sisters who face so many trials and struggles as they follow Jesus. Thank you!

"I am happy to know that people are praying for us... Now I do not feel alone."
- Martha Geleta, widow of Yadeta Dinsa