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July/August 2024

Khada* in Afghanistan became a Christian after her boss bravely gave her a Bible. Her husband also decided to follow Jesus. Tragically, he was found murdered when his secret faith got out. In the latest magazine, you can read Khada’s courageous story and discover what life is like for secret believers in Afghanistan and other countries.

*Name changed for security reasons

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May/June 2024

Pastor Laxman* in India was beaten and arrested for his faith. While he was in prison, a mob destroyed his church. He is just one of the growing number of ordinary Christians in many parts of India who face intense persecution every day. You can read Pastor Laxman’s extraordinary story in the latest Open Doors magazine.

*Name changed for security reasons

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March/April 2024

When Sara in Iraq told her father she’d become a Christian, he put her under house arrest. Then he threatened her with forced marriage. Around the world, millions of Christian women and girls face persecution for their faith and their gender. In the latest magazine, you’ll read Sara’s story among other testimonies, impact stories and prayer requests.

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Jan/Feb 2024

Ji Ho* in North Korea didn’t know why her father’s secret book was so dangerous. When police agents found it, he was dragged away to prison. Only later did she realise it was a Bible – when she heard an underground radio station talking about Jesus. In this magazine, you can read about the dangers of following Jesus in the place where Christians count the highest cost.

*Ji Ho is a pseudonym and her story is based on several true accounts of life in North Korea, to protect any specific person from being identified.

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Nov/Dec 2023

A brighter future? Help persecuted Christian children this Christmas.

Fasil and Ezana (names changed) are seven-year-old twins in Ethiopia whose Christian community faces persecution from local Muslims. Their church was even attacked on Christmas Day. In this magazine, find out how your support can help the community heal through a ‘bridge’ project – a school for children of all faiths. You’ll also find updates on how your gifts and prayers throughout 2023 are changing lives around the world.

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May/Jun 2023

Escalating violence in sub-Saharan Africa: Ayuba’s story of grief and forgiveness

Ayuba* in Nigeria was only 20 when his father was killed by Islamic militants. He vowed revenge – but, after receiving trauma care from Open Doors local partners, chose to forgive the man who’d betrayed his father. You can help courageous Christians like Ayuba stand up to violent persecution – found out how in the latest magazine.

*Name changed

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Jan/Feb 2023

Risking everything for North Korean refugees: Read Rebecca’s secret diary

Rebecca (name changed) is an Open Doors underground fieldworker who takes extraordinary risks to support North Korean refugees through networks in China. In the latest magazine, you can read her secret diary – discovering the dangers she faces, and the transformations she sees.

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Nov/Dec 2022

Hope at Christmas: You can show persecuted children that they’re family.

Valentina (15) in Colombia is vulnerable to guerrilla gangs and threats from indigenous groups – because her dad is a church leader. She is one of hundreds of thousands of Christian children around the world who face persecution for their faith. This Christmas, meet Valentina and hear her story – as well as many other children from different countries.

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Sep/Oct 2022

A church filled with hope: How Christians in Nigeria are finding joy despite violence

Pastor Edward is an Open Doors partner in Syria – he’s run a Centre of Hope for years, serving and encouraging the local community. Right now, he explains, the economic situation is worse than ever for the persecuted church. “For the first time in our country, the middle class is now close to starvation.” In this magazine, you can read his story – and see how he is making hope last in the Middle East.

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