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North Korea

North Korea flag

Leader: Kim Jong-un
Population: 25.3 million (300,000 Christians)
Main Religion: Atheism/traditional beliefs
Government: Communist dictatorship
World Watch List Rank: 1
Source of Persecution: Dictatorial paranoia

North Korea is the most dangerous place in the world to be a Christian for the 14th year in a row.

Christians face arrest, torture, imprisonment and death for daring to believe there is a higher authority than the nation's leader, Kim Jong-un. Many follow Jesus in secret; parents often don't even tell their children about their faith for fear they will be revealed. Thousands of other Christians are trapped in horrific labour camps and isolated closed villages. But despite the risks, North Koreans are still choosing to follow Christ.

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Please Pray: 

  • Food is often scarce in North Korea. Pray for provision, and for protection for Open Doors partners who smuggle food and other basics into the country.
  • For comfort and strength for those facing the daily horrors of life in labour camps.
  • For protection for secret believers, and wisdom for them to know who to trust.


Open Doors in Action:

Open Doors' goal has always been to 'strengthen what remains and is about to die' (Revelation 3:2). This verse is especially relevant to the North Korean Church. Without our support, many Christians would starve to death. Open Doors works to support the church in North Korea by:

  • Supplying persecuted believers with emergency relief aid (such as food, medicines, clothes)
  • Distributing books and other Christian materials
  • Training through radio broadcasting
  • Providing training and training materials to North Korean believers in China.

Watch Videos

Listen to Hea-Woo's story

Recorded for Premier Radio during a visit to the UK in 2014, Hea-Woo tells firsthand the story of how she survived as a Christian in North Korea's prison camps.

Day 1: Her husband's story

Day 2: Betrayed in China

Day 3: God's voice through the pain

Day 4: Only three days to live

Day 5: A church in the prison camp


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