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One church, one family

As part of the body of Christ, it is our privilege to stand alongside our courageous brothers and sisters who are persecuted around the world. That means letting them know they're not forgotten. Strengthening them by our prayers and support.

Over a year ago, Syrian church leader, Pastor B, told us that he has huge hope for his nation because he can see God's Spirit moving. He has a vision for Christians to respond with love and courage, not only to those who have suffered, but to those who are causing the suffering. As well as responding to the immediate crisis with emergency relief, they want to give children and adults a knowledge of the love of Christ. However, he knows they can't do it alone. "We need you," he says, "We need the whole church."

In response, we at Open Doors have been asking God to give us a bold vision, too, of how the church in the UK and Ireland can stand shoulder to shoulder with persecuted Christians. They are our brothers and sisters. If we don't help them, who will?

That's how your church can help - by becoming a Partner Church.

Sign up to become a partner church

What does it mean to be a Partner Church?

As a Partner Church, we would ask you to:

  • Hold at least one persecuted church service per year
  • Pray regularly as a whole church
  • Engage with emergency appeals as and when we launch them
  • Share petitions that call on our political leaders to support persecuted Christians

You can find more information in our Partner Church booklet , which you can download now. Alternatively, you can order a copy by calling Inspire on 01993 460015. Please share this page with your church leader, too, so that they can sign up your church to become a Partner Church.

What are we offering your church?

Church leaders will receive:

  • Monthly emails from Open Doors to inspire your church to pray and take action
  • Invitations to occasional confidential briefings and a church leader annual retreat
  • Opportunities to travel with other church leaders to meet and pray with our persecuted family
  • Advance copies of new publications and links to new resources to help your church engage throughout the year.*
*Alternatively, church leaders may appoint a Partner Church contact to receive new resources

Get involved

Your support helps persecuted Christians continue to courageously follow Jesus.
Together, we can reach those where persecution hits hardest.