Syrian Christian Woman

Christians in Syria must choose...

The church in Syria is on its knees. Will you stand with them in their darkest hour?

Thanks to an incredible response, Open Doors is helping 8,000 families in Syria survive each month.

And on 10 December 2013, we presented the Save Syria petition to the UN, carrying an incredible 309,195 signatures from 99 countries.

But the campaign doesn’t end there! Syrian Christians face huge challenges and we’ll continue to pray, provide and speak up for them. Show solidarity with the church in Syria today by signing the petition. Your signature will be counted every time we raise the voice of the Syrian church.

Will you add your voice today - and wear the FREE wristband as a reminder to pray?


"We urge those with influence and power to do everything possible to protect all the people of Syria, to safeguard the Christian community, to guarantee access for humanitarian assistance and to establish a new Syria that respects the right to freedom of religion for all."

Your personal information will not be used - but your voice will count every time we speak to the British government, European Union and United Nations on behalf of the church in Syria. Petition wording & FAQs

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