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Together we are bringing hope to the Middle East

Open Doors has launched a global, seven-year campaign to mobilise Christians to bring hope to the Middle East. You have responded with amazing generosity and determination to bring about positive change for our church family in Syria and Iraq. A lot has already been done – and yet there is also much more to do.

The cry of the Hope for the Middle East petition, backed by 808,172 people from 143 countries worldwide, is for Christians in Iraq and Syria to have the right to equal citizenship, dignified living conditions and a prominent role in reconciling and rebuilding society. In December 2017 this petition was presented to the UK Prime Minister Theresa May, to high-level UN officials, and to the Vice President of the USA Mike Pence, amongst others.

These exciting meetings are already beginning to bear fruit. But the challenges faced by our brothers and sisters in the Middle East will not be solved overnight. Open Doors partners are providing tens of thousands of families in Syria and Iraq with vital aid and long-term support, thanks to your incredible generosity and prayers. We must continue to support our church family in prayer and action – and Open Doors is committed to walking with them for as long as they need.