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Volunteer Co-ordinator 

Do you have a passion to support and encourage others? Maybe you have a pastoral heart that loves to network and communicate ideas? Could you rally a group to do a team challenge to raise awareness and support for Open Doors?

You can make a difference...

We're building a network of skilled and experienced Volunteer Co-ordinators (currently Great Britain only) who can connect with their local volunteers and nurture each person in their volunteering.

If you are...

  • Are a people person with the ability to connect people
  • Can spot strengths, needs and potential for growth
  • Can relate to a diverse range of people
  • Are enthusiastic and servant-hearted in leadership
  • Love motivating others to help persecuted Christians in practical ways.

Maybe you would like to...

  • Network with your local volunteers and keep in touch with them individually (at least four times per year)
  • Encourage volunteers to travel or be involved on a local level
  • Arrange for volunteers to meet together annually and do a 'group challenge'
  • Find creative ways to encourage local volunteers.

We have lots of ways to support you and encourage you on this journey:

  • Training in volunteer activities within Open Doors' ministry
  • Up to date information on volunteers in your area
  • Practical leadership advice and support
  • Contact with other Volunteer Co-ordinators, where possible
  • Refunds for any reasonable expenses such as travelling costs
  • Regular emails and postal mailings with news and resources
  • A weekend conference twice a year with other core volunteers.

For more information please call the Inspire team on 01993 460015 or email

"People are the greatest resource we have. It's vital we help release every ounce of potential and welcome people into the Open Doors community.” Eddie Lyle, CEO Open Doors UK & Ireland

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Your support helps persecuted Christians continue to courageously follow Jesus.
Together, we can reach those where persecution hits hardest.